RidingFreeBirD is Born …

A new start in the new year, one step closer to my ownself.
Life has given us enough to think up and think down of our thoughts. Some are able to make it further and some just stay the same, only it takes you to expand your vision. I cant see what you see, and you wont see what I see… The Idea is to exist and for your ownself.
So, here it is – my life starts with the small one, the seed of everything is up here, you just have to see it grow now. The time never remains still, the storms do come, shake the trees and break them as well –  but the life shows the sign again.  Ready to look up again, the life has to start from here.
So, the start is here… RidingFreebird 
And the world will soon be a small place, catch the FreeBirD near you very soon…

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