This and That – Past 26

When you get and when you dont get.
I add on or I subtract, which ever way you look at it. Life is never constant. It adds and it subtracts, to say we are getting what we want and to say we are not getting anything that we want. I am so damn angry but life is life… If I have to say one thing, I honestly want to do today is to shout and scream out loud…. as loud as I can.
But once my voice has touched my innerself, I will wake up to fight and fight and take it all the way.
I screamed once and it rebounded – I screamed again and it rebounded again, I was wet in the rain, soaked in the beautiful weather of wonderful rain and drizzle, the day began and it went over as well.. who to blame and whom not, not a single soul came close except just mine. All I want is .. Just going to come to me.
I Just want to live this life again and not to change a single thing. I am happy to still have come across and no, I wont crib. I am just going live it all & so would you.
The power of prayer is deeper than the power of medicines. I believe and that is all I am going to live on, bodies are too small for our souls. Our souls are invincible. They know which way to go, our bodies just may give up but as long as soul withstands, body will push. The energy is from within, not from the way, we are told and taught all the times. I do believe, the purpose to exist is not just to live, earn, grow and die but is more to this existence. We are here for a reason – The reason is something which we have to explore. We are not bound by relations but we are bound to the energy we create and spread around us.
I want to say today – You may not get what you want but you may get what you want, if you try too hard.
The life begins now and this is the reality. I am here and you are here… we have to start it all again… from the scratch.. The power comes from our within… lets make it .. make it large and make it big and make it possible…

One thought on “This and That – Past 26

  1. Sanjana March 17, 2009 / 6:37 am

    It really is ture. that the power rests within us……………The moment you have realised that then others dont have power over you………..actions have repersucssions always…………….as you sow so shall you reap………….so its just that cause and effect kind of thing. when youhave figured that out……… stop blaming anyone……….even yourself……………onet hing just leads to the other………the simpler you keep it the more easy life will be.

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