One year and challenges overboard

365days and I complete one year in this cold place which is not just cold with its weather but with its people too. Love that is, is hidden inside and is absolutely not – not love. But coming up from the distance of an Asian continent – it is world of difference that possibly makes me feel different but I surely dont have anyone to blame but just simply accept because this is the way life comes.
I am walking still, and the journey is long. Trust is not a word to be trusted anymore.
None than yourself will help you understand that this life is just yours and you will find the partner but that is not to spend the life but to get to a stage where the next level begins again. Love is precious if you get it from both the ends and if you do, dont ever leave it.
Advices are only half chances which may or may not help you but what will help you is – your own decision. If you know it, stick to it – comes worst to worst – you will still walk out of it eventually.
Smile, they will fade out as you see the real world, the fake smiles will surely grow with your growing grey hair – dont let this infection harm you for who you are. I am seeing that it has caught me but It is really hard to find real me now and I am struggling between this switchover… It sure is not a nice thing but we live to see the next daylight to empower ourselves.

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