Re-Birth : Secondment to Life

Its hard to explain to the world how you feel when the world around you seems all strange to you.
Its that time when the place where you were born makes you feel that you cannot exist there – It is same as if the mom you love the most turns to feel insecure about losing you – Its same as your best friend can be lost over you because he is about to bring new stabilisation in life – Its same as everyone in your family makes you feel like disowning you…..
What would you do to all this … !!
Answer : Re-Birth – Grow stronger and start your own Life… A new life – A new Re-birth.
What am I doing here in my life – I am doing my own thing – something you cannot do …
I am slow but finally on my way to make it mine. Step by step – I already feel that I have lost everything but again, losing something means you create a lot of empty space which has to be filled again. I want to thank those very few counted people in whom I can see that innocent child who makes me connect back to me.. and I appreciate that there still exists few people who dont fit on this planet but make it to still exist here.
Its surely been long that I have been disconnected with myself but its high time to connect to myself and re-charge my batteries. Best way is to start again by bringing it all together. Share what you can but make sure you do not share that you have to pity yourself for it one day…. There are many bastards around you who will never allow you to grow but simply degrade you for your existence – dont let anyone bring you down – you are who you are and you are here for a reason. Reason big enough to make you feel belonging to this place.
Bye family, Bye friends, bye those materialistic treasures, bye to those huge himalayas – I am off to create my own road and this time – It will be more stronger and it shall show that all those things that I left will walk back to me again on their own…
Cheers to the new Start and to the new life which is all mine and not your fucking business.. mind your own fucking life.. !!
I have got other things on my head and in my sight.

One thought on “Re-Birth : Secondment to Life

  1. Sapna October 5, 2009 / 8:40 am

    psst hope u read the message…i will delete it ok?Cheers!Mew meww

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