To Re-gain myself back again

It would sound so funny if I want to be honest. But the phrase itself – "To be honest" in today world looks so dishonest.
Claimed my super special friend who was boasting to be my brother, my angel, my support. Meaningless are those people who claim to be your friends but in the end use you like the best they can because they were using you as a baloon on the water to jump over into their shores.
Asking for a help even with words they answer to tell you that you have become a pain for them. Interesting.
There is nothing to defend here, all there is – is to start from the scratch.
To reclaim my life back again I have to built myself from the very point that no one was and no one will be standing next to me.
Whether it was personal or proffesional its that both of them are on the stake.
Personal, already declared as No one standing on my side.
Proffessional, I can see it coming down if I dont pull out of this diving plane with a deadline soon approaching before it hits the ground.
So, whatever happens _ I will survive to catch it all again with you and with you and with you too…
This is not the end – It is just the beginning of Life… Real one this time.

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