Where do I come from and where do I belong

It can get quite into your head when you are asked and challenged about your identity !!
Yes, that is what I am struggling in my head now – am I too wrong with who I am and where I was born. Ofcourse, it is not important but it can be all that your life could depend on. Interestingly enough, it disturbs me inside my whole head and in my whole surroundings now.
Dont know if I could make peace with it.
All is knew was and still knew is that
I am who I am that is – I belong to myself
I belong in my head
I belong to my own religion
my religion is not made up of what people already know.
I m just a traveller on this planet earth.
My religion is to see this world from the worst to the best
My prayer is that ride which is completed from one place to another.
My emotions are something that holds me together that no one understands.
I m here just for a while, once I m gone
Consider me gone forever with something no one could have answered you ever.
For love the boundaries are always big
For love the strength is never too strong
For love the emotions are always weak
For love, there wil always be questions !!
I am just a FreeBirD – I can fly anywhere – is that where the problem lies !!

2 thoughts on “Where do I come from and where do I belong

  1. sweeti's November 6, 2009 / 6:40 am

    accepting who u are..is one thing and live like it is another And u do it in a perfect wayexplore the world.my dad ( he past away) would love to be in ur shoes.awesome machine BTW..zoeffffffffffffffffffffffMJ

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