One after the another, the strings of life are either getting too complicated or getting to wide apart to get them connected again.
For the first time in life, being jobless feels quite strange… being at home all day long searching for that one string which can connect me back again to the feeling that gives me life again.
Jobless to me feels like lifeless, where surviving on my savings wont take me far away to keep on this ship.
Wondering where and how it shapes up from here… Holding it together from here is a struggle and challenge in itself which is undefined and something new to learn to exist.

Has it ever happened to anyone else who has felt like this… being alone far away from everything – Isolated to wait each day for the new hopee of life as when it will turn to colours…
The wait goes on again… Life o Life, I can smile at you or at myself, to smile at which one of you. !!  is again another wondering.

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