What brings you here

All these years as a child the fantasy of a life far and away is alive. Living each moment as what I wanted as a child – sometimes we never know as what we want and we want it so badly if our whole world would depend on it.
A big life with everything big in it – "Is that" – What Brings you here ?
Yes, a question with an endless answer is just a beginning to your life and to your fantasies of what you never really knew how they shape up. What if you get what you wanted, does that make you content because as a challenge we forget where it will take us after that. !!
I came here for a search of what everyone ran for and I did find it here but not all. Some of it is here and some of it is no where on this planet. Sometimes our brain makes us run through the unknown extremes of our visual glimpse which simply exists almost everywhere but no where in real life. Thank to the media and the communication technologies that connect us together, from the most remote part on this planet to the most busiest city in the world .. It is all here !!
What lies beyond our thoughts and imagination is what we normally skip in our thinking process all the times. In the end – What brings you here !!


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