What makes you a photographer !!??!!

Being Photographer, can mean a lot to a lot of different people. For some you can be a fashion photographer, a live coverage photographer, a reporter, travel photographer, wedding photographer, free-lance photographer, amateur photographer, and the list will go on till what people can think of – Ofcourse, its upto you. Master of all or master of one.

So, what exactly you mean by the base terminology involved in all the above lines – Photographer : Someone who is capturing those thousand words in a picture – something we have always heard since the invention of a camera and the photography was brought to life. Yes, indeed – Photographer is a lot about capturing those moments which wont be replicated to very exact of that very second even in a very million of chances – the happening of the same is very rare. To the very contrast of the expressions above, I believe in the end every person who captures those emotions, feelings and happenings in that very second is a photographer.

Some people become a photographer because they have got an eye, but everyone has got an eye for some it is being creative, which may add something different from everyone else. Photography is more about your creative skills in the modern day technology where even an iPhone or a normal Nokia phone user is capturing the same images as DSLR (Indeed that is true). So what is happening to the real photography ? It is being divulged into the digital transformation of endless megabytes per click in photoshop processing.

Digital Revolution has not only changed the face of photography but has viped out the real talent from the market. If you have got a high end Pro DSLR coupled with some good glasses, you will eventually reach that silver line in sky very quickly with the moolah in your pocket. But still, what photoshop talent can do to you even with a small iPhone or a good Nokia(N80) you can challenge this big beasts. We see such talents all over stock websites. Its more about your photoshop skills these days then about being a photographer.

So, does it mean photography is restricted !!!
It is all about learning your skills, up the ladder, not with the camera but with the things that make those pictures. A beginner with a DSLR using it in the P or A mode is very much capable of bringing you those pictures but what is distinct is that extra touch, which these days market only looks at.

Do you believe seeing all those pro pictures on the big websites means photography – No, its a lot about it after photography that makes the photographer get his credit. Times have changed and so is the Photographer perspective.

You, me and we all are a photographer in all the terms of life, just a matter is – how you can present it.

– 24/11/2010 : While making a decision on what lens next !!
Catch my next blog for what is going to add into my kitty next .

2 thoughts on “What makes you a photographer !!??!!

  1. Loreto Cantero November 27, 2010 / 9:51 am

    I’m not a photographer… I only like taking pictures and looking at them, nothing more.

    To me a picture is a gaze, a stare, a moment that is destined to endure: a moment of eternity and I take photos thinking about people I love or I know, a picture for someone specifically, a picture as an idea, as a mmemroy or a feeling that I want to share or communicate…I only like taking pictures and looking at them, nothing more.

    Nice page… and ideas


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