New year – 2011

Another start, another end of the decade, another start to a new decade – But the same life, same place and everything that is where it was…

New year, New resolutions, New destinations and New directions
Few achieveable and Few challenging as always far away in Imagination
In the Last decade –
I moved 5000miles from my birth place
I completed 1,50,000kms on two wheels
I achieved the highest roads, coldest and the toughest places in the world
I made 3 x 24hours rides across different parts of the world
I started photography with 2Mp point-n-shoot to D70 to D700
I reached half way through my journey of life, or almost
I got my big two wheels making me to reach wherever I wanna be
I did my fastest, longest journeys across Europe and in India
I grew up another 10 years but still a kid inside, and I love that kid
I hurt myself physically – with broken knees – injuries – road rashes – endless pains
I fell in love and wish to be in love always – gives me inspiration to do more
I made many friends, from far away lands…. I mean true friends not the Western world artifical Facebook friends I mean
I had happiest times and worst when I had to separate from the ones I loved
Experienced the worst people politics and still saw them make life hard as hell but life still moved onAnother decade - 2000-2010

Oh, BTW – Karan – Happy Birthday to you – God bless you 🙂

Another decade – shall see whats ahead ~ unknown ~ unseen ~ unheard ~ Life is a Journey : It must go on……… till the end 🙂

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