Old in new & New in old.

The wheel of life that moves around us takes us through a lot of things that adds to our life each day & each moment. Sometimes we just ignore the little facts of life that make us – Those old memories from which we grew up. Forget the old, the importance of new in the old life likewise – which adds to our emotions and growth of innerself. Such is this phenomenon of “Old in new” & “New in old”.

Within the past two weeks I have experienced it all from a perspective of going through things where I have come across something new in my old life which has been timed with daily freequency of ridiculuos non stop continuacy. Allowing someone new to enter in my life helped me break the shackles of this timed repeated sequences of life. I wanted this change but never knew it would help me this much. I entered a mode of life where I was feeling that very sore burn in my soul – the power of solitude – the anguish of self emotions. It was a time for this change.

I welcomed this change in life with spurring the new seeds of change within the same old pod. I experienced sudden deviation to get going again. Oh yes, in the very new I mixed the old by allowing some of the very old friends welcoming in to remind me of the past. A very less changed in this solitary FreeBird but it all left a very deep meaning.

We shall allow our lives to visited by something/someone/somewhere new experiences being in the new shell & at the sametime welcome ourselves with someone from the past.

Life can grin back at you but you can win it back from that grinning – just remember – “GO CRAZY” – My work manager tells me too – Mani – GO crazy & it gives a new sense of doing what I do.

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