Future starts here

Another day, another beginning – there has got to be something new. A day in the life of me – it shocks me and grind me to the halt.  Knowing that I will hit it on the lows of my beating nodes of everyday life but will have to rise up from the dust again. It is almost that time when I am again going to go dull on the things which include money, relationships, & fighting existence.

Like all the other times, I will have to pull it up back to the walking from the ground zero. Losing it all is not that bad but the only fact is even if I get it up rolling – it has costs attached to it. New job, New life, New location – New start. I have to wait till it all rolls out smooth but today will be the day one of going low till I can be on the grounds ready to stand up again. It is exactly one year today from the last one that I started and I have to calculate the things like before though this time I have time in my hands.

Like as always “A stitch in time, saves nine” this one has to hold its truth from today till I get myself back on to start it again from scratch. Let me re-paint that old dull looking colours of myself and bring on the shine because the old in the old pack never sells but the old in the new colours with superb extras sells like a hot item.

I want to & I will – FUTURE STARTS HERE….



Moving on with the time
Future starts here

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