Does dreams come true

Sometimes dreams do come true – Dreams which are made up of sweet emotions – those feelings that are not real but just momentarily around us in our thoughts. One such dream at time for all of us is to get what we wish for.

Similar to the thought, I feel this may be once in a while but if this is to be true. I better bet this gets to be true. I may not call it luck but just the thought of making it happen and bringing it to life will do the whole trick. May be a month or longer – if it does turn true – I would tell you all that “Dreams do come true”. It is not even about winning a lottery but sometimes just about knowing our ownselves.

A little sticky to day in my life – Oh god, if this has to happen – make it happen for good.

3 thoughts on “Does dreams come true

  1. Destiny Queen~ July 18, 2011 / 12:49 pm

    etc etc and blah blah okie i dunno how to add lol oh god make it happen let his constipation go eh eh stickin mah tongue..OUttt

  2. Destiny Queen~ July 19, 2011 / 4:58 am

    Kaise badal jaati sahab, duniya badalti rehti hai zazbaat kabhi nahi badaltei, Hum tho wahi rukkei hai, baas khayal behtei jaatei hai…waqt….insaan….
    LOL I am having a good laff here, imagining you sit in da korner of your bed…and peeping in ur lappy, and wondering wot u doing in dat lappy….lol Pagle!!
    Na jaanei likhna ruk gaya, rok liya aur fir ruk gaya….shayad dabb gaya…dabba hi liya
    Aji aapki uran abhi aur hai…yu hi thorei hi freebirds banei jaatei hai…
    jee murkei tho dekh hi liya lol…kuch tho hai jo khali reh gaya jiskei karan mur ayei…apnapan!!
    Shayad ye selection meri of expressions n songs…ek taar ko chu jaati hai…ki insaan khud ko dhundnei lagta hai??
    Mwaa hugs n BugZZ

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