Have we forgotten to send letters, write letters and receive letters !!!
Definitely, it’s an age-old thing – firstly, the birds, then the humans, then the postman, then the internet, and now its disappearing.

When was the last time, you sent one or you receieved one.
Real letters

When was the last time you actually sent a real letter ?? Question this to yourself
When was the last time you got a real letter, not the bills I mean ??
Have we given up the thing of being in real touch with ourselves, we easily answer if we got the internet, blackberry, iPhones, iPad Рwhat the heck !! Shut that thing away Рthe human touch is not there anymore to any of this crap virtual world we live in.

Yes, I have followed it through the years, even my first letter that I sent at 14 to a pen pal is very much alive in my memory.
The basic point here is – Technology has killed our very ideas of being in touch with real touch. That feel of real life has diverted us from our real beings. In this world of Facebook era : I asked people if they still love to receive letters and the response was tremendous. It sure proves to be an effort to write/send a letter but it also shows that we are so lame to move ourselves from our virtual existence. Its more costly method of sending letters but did you know nothing can replace that real feeling with this virtual one. The whole emptiness inside the virtual world is filling our real lives and we are allowing it to be replaced as well.

If you would like to get a real letter from someone who is not asking you to pay your bills – give me your address and I shall send you a real letter. We have killed our old habits for the new empty ones – for the empty friends – for the empty world – if you are alive then start living the real life.

Thanks to Laura, who made me realise that there can be still so much to real letters when I was drifted away from my real passion of sending letters. Thanks to those who still get my letters and try to send me back one sometimes. This is without a feeling of give and take but more of being in touch in real way through our real self, our real effort.

Send me a letter if you feel you do not have anyone to send it to.