Last day at work – EKC

Time, runs away like the sand in the closed fist. So fast that you can barely stop it from vanishing except the last bits which are left in your palm like the memory only left from the whole of that passing time.

Not only does sometimes we bound ourselves to the place where we live but also to the place where we work. It is barely noticeable what kind of relationships we can make – whether they carry on as professional, personal or friends. A good practice of ethics, a long-lasting trust, faith and freedom can only be enjoyed if we give 100% of whatever we do. At the last this working relationship with EISAI was one of a kind for me that I thoroughly enjoyed in terms of my work, dedication and bit of laughter shared with sarcasms from my dear colleagues.

In terms of timelines, working along with colleagues as a team and as a project deliverables, it was always a new challenge, learnings and demanding at times. Especially those helped me in the evenings for the deployments and for the help throughout – I thank you all.

On those words above, not to forget the Master here – Arthur. He is one of a kind – Master of all. I take the oath in his words with being called a Machine and Mansanator which only he can explain to what they exactly justify. I would keep that as golden words from the Master.

New experiences, new surrounding but back to busy London would take a lot out of me again. I moved out of London and moving back again would be a new challenge that surmounts all my other challenges. Stepping away into the Contract world too is something that has got to take a lot away from me rather than the returns. World is a small place as I would catch up some of my ex-employees from this and even the previous workplace. Not too keen on looking at the same side of the coin but the real side which is work and how it will challenge in near future.

A new start
Migrating Further

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