What’s in the box ?

A long-awaited most desired lens has finally made its way to my kit. Addition to the pro lens is the new start to the next level of photography.

After hearing from all the world how great this lens is it was killing me everyday to not have this in my kit. Not forgetting the cost it is simply all about saving with single penny to add to this massive amount that enabled me to get it in my hands.

I got it from the Grays of Westminster, my latest hangout place for kitting up my Nikon Accessories. For an FX body to have a Pro lens is the complete way to have the kit in place. The best combination you can ask for a FX is 2.8 series from 14-200 covered in range of 14-24mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm. Of all the three you have to look at the use of your shooting – 24-70mm is mid range that would suit your travels, portraits, indoors and most of the general needs without sacrificing the precious moments lost in changing the lens.

To all those who are waiting or would like to add this to your kits, here’s is what you will expect from the box containing Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8G ED.

Mani Babbar Photography
Nikon F2.8 24-70mmNikon 24-70mm F2.8G


Lens box, lens soft case, strap, lens manual and warranty card
First look of 24-70mm f/2.8G
Base cap


& after all the time that I was almost out of patience to have it on the cam body and the first result that I wanted to look at. A simple yet first of the many thousands to come in future.

The power of nature

The power of nature within which we exist, the power of universe that controls the gravity and the power of this planet that is beyond our control.

I dedicate this to the lovers of nature. Enjoy, cherish, save this planet.

Lord Mayor Show, London, UK – 2011

A beautiful day to the start of Lord Mayor show being the most warmest of all the previous years. Enjoy the little selection as I work to sort out few more hundreds of them.

To see the full gallery follow here..


Truth eventually is right and bright in front of our own eyes. We can be rich to gift ourselves with the best things in gadgets, gizmos and geeky things of modern life but in the process of this we have lost a part of ourselves known to human mankind called “Happiness”. I don’t moan about it all the time but I actually see it in front of my own eyes, my own senses and in the world outside from the moment I step out till I am back inside my own four walls.

Today, a british daily newspaper ran the article about the same. I can definitely agree to it since I have experienced those things myself. I was born to those situations, where a child has responsibility for his doings may be not if you are really well off. Not really, if you are from the family where the value of things is more fed by the parental fundings(over the necessary limits). The point not to be missed here is – is the money more important or your time in terms of happiness with your own children takes the higher precedence.

Here, is the article from today’s newspaper that I couldn’t stop yapping about. Take a minute or two to read on and tell me if this is true. I dont see children playing in this world for obvious reasons, for the truth is – the society where the structure doesnt permits to be free yet fundamentally the most free countries in the world lack that security.

The truth is quite implicable not to the children but to the ones who enjoy the freedom and feelings to enjoy that life. Even the F1 hosted in India, Lewis Hamilton quoted “He felt like a King” which is what that country has it in its roots. The place where the mankind has not lost it all yet in the verge of uprooting its culture for modern ethnicity of Apple(not fruit) iPads, iPods, iPhones and techno gadgets.

Night Traveller – Indian Journeys

Travelling in night, has always been a wonderful experience. When half of the world is deep asleep you start a journey of yours travelling miles through empty and fast paced roads.

Some of those journey in wintry nights when the hot warmth is most needed.

Mid way through the long rides comes the chance to grab something hot and warm. So here, I was enjoying the warm hot peanuts in the traditional Indian way from a stall seller(Moongfallee waala).

Mani Babbar Travelography
Mani Babbar Travelography

And to heat up the hands, there are no heater but the warm warm burning coal from the hobs of the mud stone hand made stoves.

Love these journeys, just a preview to what more is there in life. Simplicity and the life still works without the world of Internet.