Dell Ultrasmart U2410

All for the eyes,  I had to take this step to get myself a fresh view and vision for working prolonged hours on the pictures. After all the long wait and looking after what would really fit all my needs and my monies I had to settle with a Dell Ultrasmart 2410. From the suggestions of my near and dear Puneet & Adam I had to call it a deal to settle for this now.

24″ Monitor that comes pre-calibrated with company certificate, means no hassle for getting it calibrated. Waiting anxiously for it to arrive as I booked it to be delivered on Saturday I got it quite on time by 0900hrs pretty sharp delivery by the courier company. I ordered the monitor from and they have been helpful in providing the information needed for pre-sales questions.

Heres a quick glance on the unboxing of the much awaited bigger screen.

2 thoughts on “Dell Ultrasmart U2410

  1. Ali February 19, 2012 / 9:52 pm

    ok, from the first photo I get the impression that you are talking about a full PC or notebook.. so my comment will be” You may get better performance with Toshiba ” but later I realize that you are talking about a monitor!! so my comment is ” I think this is a best you can get for the price and size,, ”

    congratulate, ,

    • freebirdmani February 20, 2012 / 3:34 pm

      Thank you Ali, its just the Monitor. I am not looking for a PC because my laptop does the job quite efficiently but may consider i7 very soon.

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