Motorbike Rider

Just about the right mood and right music to soothe that urge of the power, control and smooth handling.
Riding in the smooth roads of Derbyshire peak district.

Switch on the speakers for the real excitement of this classic flavoured music and video combo.

Motorcycle Angels

This time taking you right in the heart of english countryside smooth flowing and fast roads on the controlled ride.
Enjoy the ride, share it with your friends and feel free to post it on your FB, Twitter and other social networks.

Lets go… Oh switch on the speakers too 🙂
Veeehooo Lets ride 🙂

Mani Babbar Photography

After all these years of being working as a freelance photographer, it does bring you to a point where you want to add that level of freedom to allow your work to the world beyond your own.

Hence, the FB page has eventually taken the shape to bring out those hidden photos of vividly collected memories of candids, poetry of motion shots, endless love of vistas and beauty of stunning models.

Show me the support to take it to the next level where I can bring out all those gems collected over the years before I can collect all my time again to put it into the website.