Finally a relief

After a long wait, I finally managed to get one off the eBay.  Ah, sorry I need to mention that this is about the Touring Screen which is almost impossible to find now. Yamaha OEM accessory parts for the discontinued motorcycles is almost impossible to find.

All those people who ride all year long despite the ever-changing weather know the importance of the right riding kit. Especially when you do long distances everyday for your commute, you would definitely prefer to have a tall windscreen. When I bought my motorcycle I was not traveling 66miles a day and when I started searching for the screen it was already out of stock due to the discontinuation of the OEM accessories.

The original Touring screen Acryl(pic below) is no where to be found although there is always aftermarket GIVI, PUIG and few others but I don’t trust anything that is not OEM especially when it meant for the bike. After waiting, searching and looking continuously for the one I was lucky and timing was good that I got a very good deal for the OEM Yamaha Touring screen on eBay. At first I had my doubts but the listing clearly was for unused OEM Yamaha FZ6 touring screen that I was looking for. So without second thought I decided instantly on what I was after for all this time.

After a slow PayPal eCheque transfer via eBay I got my almost new or say it New Yamaha FZ6 Windscreen. It came in as two parts – the first being the acryl touring screen and second the trimming which unlike the original screen is not part of the windscreen but a rubberized trimming which is bit hard to get on to the screen.

As you can see the difference between the original and touring screen is quite a bit. In practical life, don’t know yet but my excitement is all about the getting it on to the bike right now.

First task was to get the trimming right. Unable to find it online as where to cut the trimming so using a full trim first on the corner and putting it on the cowl I realized that it just wont allow the nuts to be screwed. After getting the rough idea from the previous moulded screen and this one I decided to strip the trim so I can re-add it again.

So Finally after the adjustments the screen was sitting tight on the front of the cowl with the new much awaited extended screen.

Ready, the final addition is completed  and we shall see how long it keeps me happy since after 30,000miles the urge to have more and more is always never ending.

6 thoughts on “Finally a relief

  1. John Doe January 3, 2014 / 5:27 am

    FZ6 is not discontinued, it is just not sold in Europe anymore. By the way, that trim is going to look nasty in a few years time (cracks etc). Bought my FZ6 in 2007 and the touring screen in 2008, so it has seen a bit of UV light. I was looking for a place to buy a replacement trim, that is how I stumbled upon here.

    • John Doe January 3, 2014 / 5:31 am

      Your screen should have come with a pair of metal clips, that are supposed to secure the ends of the trim… Didn’t see those in your photos.

      • FreeBird January 3, 2014 / 6:35 am

        Nopes, it didn’t come with any metal clips. I checked with a Yamaha dealer and he showed me on his parts catalogue that it came with just trim and screen. Unless they do it differently based on country specific models.

    • FreeBird January 3, 2014 / 6:37 am

      I shall be able to share what is happening with my screen soon, haven’t noticed any changes since I got it. I would think, it is not an easier find anymore – my thought, can be wrong.

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