Feeling of caring

The feeling of sharing is the feeling of caring. What better way to express this than to express this by providing the heat to someone who may thank you in no better way than providing with their warm words even in the coldest of the cold conditions.

Just riding down the Tanglang La (17,582 ft) in heavy snowfall, there was instant traces of life. As we came across few shepherds who were looking after their cattles and they got the chance to take some heat from the hot engine exhaust pipes which were not hot enough even after being on the roads for past 4hours.

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HP Pavilion G6 Review

At first it took a lot of time to make a decision between a DELL, LENOVO and HP. Not forgetting the fact that APPLE is also a contender but never in a real race because of their over priced tags which to my opinion are just good for showoff when the same tasks can be done in a better faster way on lower priced machines.

For my everyday needs I have a Lenovo T410 and an old Intel duo core 1.3Ghz Dell machine. I wanted something which will run my Adobe suite without crashing and running out of memory all the time. I must also search for a machine that is not going to put a hole in my pocket beyond my budget restraints. I started looking at Intel new range core i7  but they are simply not fitting in my budget and the call now is only between i5 and i3 cores.

After searching online for days, weeks I was waiting for an opurtunity to find a perfect deal. An average i5 and i3 processor on a laptop would differ between £80-150 straight away along with ram option of 4gb or 6gb. It is obvious to pay that price for performance but paying beyond my needs and my budget will not be my kind of thing. Being a technical guy with an IT profession it makes sense to know my exact needs.

My other two laptops would unfold to go on ebay or possible one of the direct reselling shops(Xe, currency converter). I know I would still get about £250 odd from previous laptops considering they both have good working condition along with a hefty 4gb Ram in both the laptops.

Eventually after all the search and details of looking for perfect configuration at a good price I found what I was looking for. An i5 processor turbo charged 3.2Ghz with 6GB RAM, 1GB graphic card on board, 750GB HDD, HDMI port and all the little nibbles to satisfy my needs for a decent price under £400. Now that is what I call a deal, the only thing is I wont be getting any of the extras in this case. It would be a non OEM packed box with a one year warranty, no OEM discs and no Recovery discs which completes all my tick boxes. As I never ever needed those useless recovery discs since I prefer to configure my HDD partitions to my own needs.

It took me 8 working days after I placed my order online on PCworld website. At first it seemed to be a challenge waiting but in the end it was worth the wait. I got the laptop which arrived in the same state as I would expect to see it in the shop. Just that it was not in its original HP box but that anyways would be going in the bin so who needs to have that.

Accessories only included the battery pack and the charger cable with the wall mount socket for charging.

Ergonomics wise, the keyboard is spacious to use for longer keystrokes without much of strain on your fingers. If you are annoyed with the DELL touchpad this will be a relief as you can enjoy the comfort of not losing your work each time your finger or hand swipes over the touchpad. Lenovo has a better touchpad but I would be satisfied with this since I use an external Logitech wireless K360 keyboard.

Speaker performance is better than any other that you will get closer to in this section. HP Pavilion series comes with Altec Lansing speakers. That no doubt offers you crystal clear sound with additional options to adjust the bass and the treble if you are keen on the music preferences to your ears. You  would be amazed even further if you have got a good set of headphones the quality is unbelievably worth tuning into and something hard to get away from.

On the other hand, you would want to know about the Sound surround features that are marked on the left hand bottom panel showing SRS premier sound. It does justify for the quality that you can expect for which you would have paid a good amount already. It sure is anyday a DELL and LENOVO beating machine on the sound output quality in this range.

For ease of connectivity to your other devices this is a well equipped machine. You would get 3 USB slots with two on one side, 1 HDMI port, 1 VGA port, 1 Ethernet Network Port, 1 each headphone and microphone standard jack along with a SD/MMC card reader that serves all the left side of the bottom panel on this HP Pavilion G6 series laptop.

Modern devices all need good and long life powerful batteries. This laptop comes with Li-ion cell battery to give you a good performance of upto3.5hrs easily and then showing last 15% remaining which I would say is second best in the market next to LENOVOs. No one comes next to beating the battery life of Lenovo laptops. Out of everyday use you will see that it does not really faint away like most others especially common in Dell. The power charger for this laptop is on the right side unlike those of the Lenovos and Dell which are on the back and on the left side. On the right side bottom panel you will also find the locking bay, third USB port, a display for charger plugged in and a CD\DVD tray. I personally did not opt for the Blu-ray model as I see it further away from my everyday use.

For this price you cannot get any other laptop in this range to satisfy all your needs. I would recommend this machine to anyone who wants to work on something good on faster processing power, longer battery life and excellent sound quality.

As of all the things there are always something that you feel is not right and that one thing which does not fit this criteria in this laptop is the display. It is reflective panel so if you are sitting in a bright source of light you will expect to see your own reflection in the screen more often than the text or your visuals on the screen. Again, for this price this is an excellent product but I would again recommend anyone buying this product in its entirety of quality and value for money.

Physical Attraction

Talking to her on the Facebook chat, it all went into the mode of unexpected sensuality where everything made double sense with unsure meaning. To take it is pleasure and to take it is also sin but it was not me who kicked it off. The long years that kept us away since I moved from one of my jobs she has never taken a chance to take it this forward as it all seems to be unfolding in a very sudden expressive, submissive way of domination to say I miss you.

Ah, sweet that sounds when suddenly you know someone have an infatuation on you but never showed up. The words sound simple but deeper filled with emotions to eat out all that burning desire. I have known her for few years but not more than a face, a name and how she looks. She has been on my list for years not knowing that there was ever more meaning or could have been more to be being there for us. It all took the heat when a topic touched a word ‘sensuality’ – that was it. There was no coming back from this point and the feeling poured out just like a smooth flow of overfilled glass of beer. It had its own flow, own aura and a simple but unknown direction. Heat was just so intense that everything in that moment was hot like a volcano ready to erupt any moment bubbling its hot heat inside making it all intense.

To put the exact would just not be appropriate but just to share the emotions of the vibrant heat can simply satisfy the needs for everyone. We both were in the same boat of heated box raising the tempo of each other without even knowing that where it got kicked off. For the first time after 3years it kicked on so high that how such a simple conversation and telling about you like someone changed the dynamics of the desires. She is not an ordinary woman which would go with the flow but that would take more than simplest of attraction to pull her this far away. How could I have ever noticed that she was attracted unless she ever spoke about it last night. The pull for me was simple that I know her and she is one hot babe. Her little invitation was not little anymore after this was shaped up like a volcano ready to burst and her evocations simply made it all fall in place like sweetest things I would expect. To say I don’t fancy would be a pure lie but to accept the fact that attraction for men is easily seen in a man than in the case of woman. Our likes for knowing our adult taste was instantly lingering around the edge of every sentence we shared. The temptation has rung the bell for something which may just suddenly come across and leave us dreading for more.

All said, I need to keep this limited till I know I can share it all it would be sometime before all the emotions bursts into the bubbles. Creativity and sensuality has its own edge that triggers the hormones of us humans to take us to the perpetuity of physical desires.


Snow Flakes in SUMMER – Typical England.

As the weatherman predicted, it is going to HOT summer by the weekend but hey STOP. What is happening here.
See the full large image here and notice the flakes floating in the air as big as you imagine. This is July and its supposed to be hot. Never mind, we here in England are always cold, inside and outside.

Ha ha ha.. global warming is at its best. 😦