A level where everything seems soaked at certain level and it is challenging to see out of that level.
You can use your creativity but I would de-saturate for once to soak me out of colors and still see it all again.


3 thoughts on “Saturation

  1. Robyn Lee July 18, 2012 / 5:11 pm

    Thank you for sharing your dream – and your insight about the unconscious energy that creates them. I do have an interest in depth psychology….and dreams – – particularly like Carl Jung’s work ~ Nice to discover your blog here 🙂 ~Robyn Lee

    • freebirdmani July 18, 2012 / 7:18 pm

      Thank you Robyn 🙂
      After all these years of blogging it seems inseparable to miss out my life on blogs.


  2. Robyn Lee July 18, 2012 / 5:14 pm

    Ahh lovely image – desaturated… please forgive my comment for your NY Dream post landed here… I will transfer to above as well 🙂 Best, RL

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