DUCATI Multistrada 1200 S – 2013 – Ride Review

20.04.13 – North London : DUCATI MULTISTRADA 1200S – As the name DUCATI is good enough to know what this post is going to be all about. Yes, DUCATI – the ITALIAN ingenious has struck us again with their upgraded but much advanced, lighter and more powerful all in one kind of motorcycle. I suppose everyone who is into motorcycle knows what DUCATI stands for – their fast – super-fast – ultra fast racing Superbikes.

Multistrada also known as MTS1200 – is one of its own kinds  motorcycle. No wonder that Italians have broken the barrier of its limitations and went on crazy with providing us something that never feels same in all rounder two wheels. I got an opportunity do the photos for the dealer and their own in-house catalogue – so there I was. Just on the job and this was not just going to end there. I know I wanted to open the throttle on this “STILL THRILL” motorcycle.  Within a couple of hours, once the job was done – I knew where I was headed to now satisfy my real lust of this beautiful beast.

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It left me with not enough room to ask for more for what it is made to do. This is one motorcycle which is made for those who want to live life on the extreme and also be able to feel the torque through the gears. For a moment, it did take me first few minutes getting used to the height and the well balanced high seating. The CG of the bike is at very sweet spot which allows you to take it for a real open thrill on the cornering too. Daring to get one with the bike only took me about first five minutes and we were just going to gel together for the rest of the ride. First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth – Oh YESS… this was turning on to be crazy “Mentally” satisfying experience.

I opened the throttle to a pretty good 8k RPM in the sixth and it just marked its top notch just about what you would love to see from a bike like this. It is very very stable at high speeds, the wind screen adjusted to give you a full clear view of the open roads also letting the wind not strike you on the face but aerodynamically overflowing your seating comfort – you are just concentrated to feel this flow and fly with it. Braking is superb with inch inch perfection at all the speeds – you know you begin to feel the trust once you step on it. It took me literally first five minutes to mould myself to the bike and bike to my likings.

One wheel through the First, Second and Third – you can turn it to be even a wheelie monster if you are capably able to control the torque under you. This becomes an instant love after you could feel the beats of the pumping power. To test it out of the smooth roads, I ventured to the little small B roads leading to one of the off road path – it just goes smooth through the gravel and make you feel you are totally safe in its capabilities. Turning this into a monster on the gravel would need you to stand on the pegs and open it full but I did not manage to get it to that far status as I didn’t own the bike yet. It makes you feel that power and asks you to enjoy it.

By the end of this ride, I was ready to do the ride review for it. Out of breath and full on adrenalin – this is a super bike for anyone with a budget of £13,000 Base model (OTR) and £15,500 Fully loaded (OTR) models. On the downside, it does gulps the fuel like a full guzzler ready to drink you all empty at the fastest pace. So other than two items – MPG/£££££’s – this is a bike for one who wants to rise above the rest and sit at the top to enjoy the riding world.

Ride Review (Out of 5)
Handling  : 5/5
Braking     : 5/5
Cornering : 4.5/5
Off-road    : 4.5/5
Touring     : 5/5
Pricing      :  4/5 (It is not every day commuter bike)

My adrenalin charged – after the ride – quick round of review. I had to do this – it was just the moment of adrenalin charged ride.

5 thoughts on “DUCATI Multistrada 1200 S – 2013 – Ride Review

  1. utesmile May 1, 2013 / 6:57 am

    I don’t understand a thing about bikes, but I can see your love for riding them shine through!

    • FreeBird May 1, 2013 / 9:23 am

      Thank you so much Ute, it does belong to be being a part of me. 🙂 Integrally me.

  2. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com May 3, 2013 / 4:54 am

    I used to have a motorcycle many years back.Once l got married things changed.l wish you a happy time with your motorcycles .Thank you for liking my post ( Jalal and his OUD ) best regards.jalal

  3. Alberto Knox February 10, 2014 / 3:54 am

    I don’t think I would buy from that dealer and definitely not a demo bike. You are 600 miles past the 600 mile oil change!

    The MTS1200S is a high tech high power bike. Ducati is the Ferrari of motorcycles, building delicate extreme performance machines for discerning connoisseurs. I went to extra effort to be sure mine had not been ridden and abused by squids before I got it.

    You went to 8000RPM you say? The owner’s manual says Do Not go beyond 6000 RPM before the First Oil Change (that the dealer has neglected to do) or beyond 7000 RPM Before 1600 miles.

    Ducati has a “black box” that records engine data. Check the wiring diagram in the owner’s manual you didn’t look at to find it. Good luck Ever getting warranty work on that abused engine, poor unwitting future owner!

    Some people complain about Ducati reliability, but it isn’t a Toyota. It has a finely tuned Italian racing engine that makes more power than your Camry from an engine the weight of your lawnmower. It deserves Respect!

    You wouldn’t expect a Ferrari to be reliable if you over-revved it and didn’t change the oil, would you?

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