Suzuki Gladius – 650cc – Ride Review.

Motorcycles, I love them to the point that I can actual feel connected to them in one small ride. To know the good depth inside and outside you need to know what you are all about. I have been given a loan bike for a little while and I felt I had to share this because there is a small wonder in this world made for those who actually feel there is not enough for them. I feel this is one motorcycle which is made just for the right people and right crowd who love to have something under them and make them feel confident. It is particularly not my kind of bike as I am tall and love to have something more powerful than what this 650 offers.

Suzuki Gladius, 645cc fuel-injected DOHC 90-degree V-Twin engine that has the grunt feel but much smooth. V-twin power plant has smooth delivery but sudden drop of power when changing gears, if you ride long enough you would either love it or hate it. It is what v-twins does to you – make them love or hate. Well, that said – the world still is mad about the DUCATI’s twins but here is what makes this competition smooth. Gladius is smooth but equally well balanced, low and perfect for all those who wants to explore the power of v-twins. The bike seating could have done with bit more cushioning as I feel this is really too much on cost cutting. My bum is totally angry because the seat absolutely has not enough cushioning in it and I wonder how it wants to cope with the bigger riders. Other thing, I really felt annoyed is, I could touch my riding boots on corners – leaning the bike even at the slightest angles – it really is meant for small people. I guess this is the best bike for beginners, female riders looking to get started with and those looking for city riding only.

Pros :
Excellent mileage bike – The Best in its class or 600’s
Light – good for beginners
Control – feels good and rider feels well on top.

Low seating – bad cushioning
No front wind deflector
Not for tall riders
Brakes feel very soft

As my dear friend Adi Moto Foto said “This bike should only come in one color – PINK”

some of my dear friends gave this bike a princess status
Suzuki Gladius Princess Suzuki Gladius Princess

8 thoughts on “Suzuki Gladius – 650cc – Ride Review.

    • FreeBird July 9, 2013 / 7:49 pm

      Have to mention that great saying of the laughing buddha on bike 😀

  1. Live Love Be Green July 10, 2013 / 9:39 pm

    Love your bike reviews, Mani. Great tips for when I finally get around to parting with the cash and buying a bike. As a tall girl I like that you address height into the equation. The “pinking up” of the bike is hilarious! 😀

    • FreeBird July 10, 2013 / 9:44 pm

      Hihihiiii… thank you very much M, It is good to have some laughs in equation. Yeah for you, wait till I update my next review of “Missile” I have these days. It is as fast as you can imagine. 😀

      Glad to keep you smiling 🙂

  2. semprevento July 19, 2013 / 9:51 am

    wow…wonderfullllllll Suzuki 🙂 ♫

  3. Pretty in pink August 2, 2013 / 6:40 am

    You say girl like its a bad thing! I am tired of throwing my smallish frame around on the big beemers and most modern bikes are too tall for me- its not comfortable when you can’t flat foot at a stop sign with a Tiger or a Monster. I am looking at one of these because it has a lower centre of gravity and lower seat height than most new models with plenty of agility and power.

    • FreeBird August 2, 2013 / 11:34 am

      Sorry, firstly if I hurt your feelings. No, I do not mean it is a bad thing but it is for those who are big or used to big bikes like me. I am sure, this is beneficial to you in ways that it is not to others and I am happy to assist you in ways you may need to know about this bike.

  4. joby April 24, 2014 / 11:23 pm

    It’s a great bike! I was (and still am really) a beginner and came from a 125cc straight to this and it’s made me grin every day since. Every ride I learn something else that’s brilliant about this weird and wonderful world of sitting on an engine and swooping around But I would never have got one if it only came in pink! Seeing only pink jackets on offer for us womenfolk in most bike shops is already doing my head in – what happened to the black leather catsuits and suchlike, I wonder.

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