Free Hugs

For one thing in the world that really makes me happy is the hugs. They are like fountain of my life in all the situations, when I am low, high, happy, sad or neutral.. hugs give me a chance to just feel that warmth of sharing. Something that many don’t know, never understand and possibly are not keen on. I never say never for there will be a chance that you may get a hug for real from me. This little clip of a Free Hug makes me wonder – One day with thousands of those collected around – does really no one has time, emotions or feeling for a Free Hug. I was initially quite surprised with it but hey ho, this is how we make this world. You won’t open your arms to hugs and you won’t even open yourself to the open life of this world too. I had to capture this – it made me feel sad at first but happy for I have to share this.

Happiness comes to happy people. You may spend all your life chasing happiness but if you are not happy and ready to feel this life – you may never know the worth of some things in life which makes us all human.
Be kind !!

Sending you my hugs and to all those across the globe.
Share your hugs.



Snow in April, London 2013

How strange could it get – for the first time I could remember since I have been in UK – I have never seen snowfall in London in April.
Is this the sign of the “Global Warming, perhaps”


For more on the snow collection : Join me on the Youtube channel

India – Incredibly Uncomfortable

The truth in itself is harsh to hide and impossible to lie about. Being in a country where I am born and brought up in the new changing phase of its lifestyle simply is absurdly shocking. Once which was “Incredible” or as it may still be advertised is nothing of any incredible sorts. I may well be biased about it but this is the harsh reality of things that keeps coming in front of my eyes. Especially all the big cities have this new dreaded look of over populated crowds. I can’t be lying about what I have been seeing and I have been shown by this country.

Well, not to forget this country is now “Country of Rapes” – Its my 9th day and I am fed up with the newspapers full of incidents of molestation, groping, rapes and all kinds of acts against the woman. I have been surprised – but when I see the population blast in the cities, I do see the reason behind it. The world here is controlled by cops which are hideously uneducated, highly unorganized and have no sense of what they are dealing with – Politicians who are utterly disgust in being politically powerful. Until recently, I had a different impression but being an insider it does leave you to lots of things that make you think otherwise and think of it in a bigger picture.

The level between the poor and rich is completely gone haywire. The price to own a roof has rocketed through the skies – I cannot imagine how this started and where this is going. The difference between the rich and poor has gone way too far. I do see the root for the reason why there is such a huge level of rapes in this country. The male dominant world is powerful enough to show that they can achieve anything, anyway they want and anytime they want. The population blast of this country is not going to stop as everyone heads into the cities. Cities become a merge of all the working class unlike all the other big metropolitan s. The cost of living is well at par that of Europe and nothing really beats the competition here. I was discussing this with few friends and all have are of the same opinion that this would be chaos in next 5-10yrs. The crime rate is the thing of future to come but is not too far. It may be a far fetched prediction but with poor people trying to find food – they see rich standing next to them in “Maybach” or “Rolls Royce” will not ease the pain. I do see the things from insider eyes that being an outside traveler. Backpack travelers would revel but at the same time this country in cities has lost its charm. Nothing in the huge cities is anything that interests me anymore.

For those who are looking for lavish holidays, you can get the same now in any country at the same price. India, is now a thing of past that can attract single travelers – it is a massively unattractive, unseen and highly dangerous place. Reading the newspapers sick of rape cases – simply turns me off. Why !! Is it something that media loves to report or is it that they pay all these rapists and promise them to make them famous ?!! I do not know if this is what you find “Incredible” in “India” !!

Good luck to you if you want to travel hardcore and really want to explore this nation. Sooner or later you will realise that people will soon be asking you prices way higher than what they should be for anything to everything.

On the other hand, you may well be pleased to travel in “Delhi Metro” which has AC in it and it works pretty much on time, all the time and regularly. Other than that – beware of pickpockets, crossing the roads in traffic as the subways are often under construction and without doubt – the country still runs in full motion without a stop. Welcome to the unreal yet real “India”

I am sure this will attract some attention but that is what is needed. I will soon post the videos once I can get a good web connectivity. My words do sound bit empty without pictures and sounds of this moving nation.


PARIS : An Experience – Part V

No, it is not over yet as I said Paris, is not a place where you can see it all within a day that is why I took two days to scroll through the streets and collect all that I could to bring you in this post. Some of you who have followed me from the past posts – I really appreciate your patience and at the same time welcome you again to continue this journey through this cold and rainy day. I Just cannot get over the fact that I am swamped by rain back to back.

Enough said !! Let’s get back to where we left so we can start the rest of the walk through the city and its architecturally vivid stances. By chance it happens that I have a camera that I do enjoy sticking in people faces for sometimes it really makes them angry but they don’t dare to fight a black ninja.. ha ha ha.. Just kidding.. lets go 🙂

Out of the Luxembourg experience and into another plane of architectural embrace. Just as I stepped out of the gardens, the greens disappear to a sudden extent that all you have is a concrete jungle around you. For two seconds, I had to make sure I was not going to wet myself beyond the desired urge so took a deep breath, adjusted my warm jacket inners and off I go.
Across the road, looking at the huge inviting dome, which for one stance does give a feel same to National Museum of London looking from this spot. Actually you are looking at Place du Panthéon.

Forgive me but I am not going to give you the full history of it here. This place has a different feeling each time I look at its architecture. Especially the domes in the door entrances, the windows and the grills that somehow never really existed in UK archiecture. A feeling of openness may be.

Beyond doubt, I did also find there is a vacancy opening in McDonald, Paris. Please be enlightened to submerge yourself into the dungeons of fast food eatery.

Does it prove that mobile phones are the last thing on this planet to make humans inhuman – indeed ! My observations with  mobile phones are more like love hate relationship with an ex who keeps coming back. So is this weather.

I am going to carry on without a break 🙂 today. I just happen to have decided – I am going to make this weather work for me.

For those who want to see a larger drama in life, lets bring you something even bigger.
As wide as your eyes can see and not even the widest lens can capture – you see a view of Eiffel Tower in the distance between the rows of these buildings on your left and to the right.

Only if I was a drug dealer and can afford the widest of the lenses in the world this 6mm would have been sitting in my kit but no, I am not that rich yet. I do not even have my own slaves yet 😀 ha ha ha..

As I mentioned a little while back, this is a concrete jungle and we ants(humans) inhibit this place to perfect satisfaction of ours. We keep this place running and makes it the most expensive concrete jungles – that I would never be a part of. Never, I can imagine living in this concrete jungles.

Does it just appears that the blue skies suddenly tempted me. Yes indeed, I see no signs of green at all so has to be something natural still to give me a reason to be here enjoying this Purple contrasty umbrella under the blue skies.

A new lease to make this world look so exciting and colorful  As it tends to be – this is quite not what I generally do but I suppose I have not many other options left with me. so we walk the alleys and snap snap shoot shoot .. rain falls at its own pace.

But the pouring downpour isn’t over yet. It is plup plup plup at its own pace. I am able to keep myself dry but not wasting too much of my energy standing still in one place instead – keep the body moving 🙂

It is indeed Paris – Everyone calls it a city of love. For love is in the architecture, the love is in the windows and in the not so human context. It is just another city for those who live here and for the rest of the world this is a place of Love unless you know where Moulin Rouge is. No, I had not been that lucky this time but may be next time I will do a round up there too to lighten you all up again.

Towards the river – this piece of work surprises me – how it must have been in the ages when it was build. The sign of care, affection and the motherhood which stood ages but hey, where is this now ! No one really has time to look up beyond what stands on the top of this structure. Such are our lives – the mobile phones make you look down not up 😀 please be glued to them 24 x 7 x 365 may be it helps you earn a lot of money too 🙂 who knows.

For those who are like me would be glad to find the Autumn in this city. There does exists the sign of nature flying through the wet and windy nature. It does not surprise me but I quite love to sit down on this wet floor to see and admire these fallen leaves which soon will be crushed by the walking pedestrians as the next lot of rush breaks.

How mental does this look ! For the eyes – Yes, it is not a straight out of the camera or SOOC shot but something which took few layers and more than couple of editting touches. It is not all about shooting in this weather but trying to make out of what the nature and the light has to offer. For a change I do like this shot and quite impressed by how it turned out. Sometimes it does make me wonder if I have lost these gimmicks in my photos.

For the meanwhile, I leave you all here with this dose of Paris & rain. I will be back soon with the views in and on the other side of Notre Dame.
Till then Goodbyes and keep checking.