Motorcycling Memories from Great Indian Himalayas

Inspired by Walter from his last mention on the blog post – I could not stop myself from sharing some of those memories gathered in past rides over the most beautiful and very challenging terrain of himalayas.
Some of them were lone rides, some of them were with friends and some of them were just made to escape the monotonous build up of daily routines.Hope you enjoy and like the following pics. 

Things we miss in life are not counted by how fast you can ride but depends where all you can go where the money does not count.Living to my way life has a meaning. It is precious and beautiful to enjoy the beauty of nature while not forgetting we all are part of our nature.Once upon a time :

Human Desires – Seeking yourself or What we seek !!

The feeling to be being human is just a part of you if you do not have that then it is not you. For those who acknowledge it in their head and in their minds they know what this is all about but for those who are not in balance of their desires may simply complain about and never agree to what is written here. To be out with the one you want to belong or you belong you do become part of that person.

Have your cravings let you settle down right there and never have come up again in your mind to think of something beyond that person?  I can assure you your loyalty does not stop right there or you simply are going to lie to me for that if your human desires end right there. I can bet you on this !! Not that I am lying but being honest about what my human desires make me wish for.

Yes, I am not doing the betrayal because I am just who I am. The person inside has no two faces but just one that lives and loves what he does. Can’t rule the fact that human attraction is just merely a phase that happens to all of us whether you are in a single status boat or double or taken forever state. The train of desire is not run just by our physical desires but our brain that feeds the body to inhale and exhale that feeling of its thoughts. Pretty intense in that battle of desires I accept my part and parcel of existence – being human !!

This thought provoking process started not on its own but definitely there is an element of that attraction. I can stop the part that is human but not the part that is inevitably taking shape in the back of my desires in my absence of uncontrolled pleasure to my physical entity. The desires are not all about being physical but rather that moment of pleasure when it passes all your emotions to let you be in that high of cravings which lasts for few moments. That is what I call the part of being “Yourself”.

Physical desires are like a chocolate that you do want to eat but know they all are momentarily pleasures that won’t last for long more than the size of that chocolate bar. Once that bar is over you are back to being in reality where that desire and attraction does not really exist anymore. Now if you want to agree to the part that whether you accept that momentarily feeling of eating a chocolate or not – is barely your choice. I have eaten the chocolate once but to say I do not want to eat it again will be wrong. Responsibility to live in our real life is often where we are brought back to the reality of our lives.

I must not endeavour this topic anymore – the human mind is biggest power that controls us and guides us through the challenges of being human. A human with desires or one without you are no good if you can’t acknowledge what you feel !! What I seek from you is not what I may want all the time it just depends on what part and where that brings us together in life.

When you hold on to someone so dearly to avoid them running away, you choose a bigger risk in life than holding someone with a fact that what is yours will come back to you – you don’t run into the risks of self-conflicts for who you are. To live life is not to kill yourself for your emotions, feelings and desires but rather what matters is being true to the person with whom you are and what you want. Being sure is being over confident but being able to share yourself is just a balance that you may want to bring in your life to manage that factor – “Human Desires”!


Austrian women are definitely BEAUTIFUL

Women women women, when you work with them you know what you are expecting especially when you are behind the lens and know what you would wish to expect from your models.
For all these years shooting women and admiring what works good with them you will want to know how to appreciate beauty not just the way you see them through the lens but also outside the lens. I personally feel the difference seeing them away from all the cultural view points. Being a non-european I have no cultural bias whether you come from East or West but rather what you bring with you when you come. Terms of beauty you can see the difference when you see them the first time.
From the people who have been following me on my FB Photography already know that this was coming but for those who don’t know what this is all about – you will know it now. I have been shooting this winters in Austria combining my time of holidays with family, with friends and also with my lil frenzy beautiful women.
I wont be saying much here but when you have a below zero temperatures you have got to do the best to bring the best. Especially when the light conditions don’t allow you to produce what you would do normally. I had a difficult day shooting with low light conditions but the results surprised me to my expectations. I would rather blame it on the Austrian women who indeed know how to look smart, sexy and stunning whatever the temperature be.

Not too hard to judge but SOTS(Straight Off The Shoot)I am sure for a quick preview this is enough to put the eyes to warm up a little before much more can follow.
Hopefully this will be my last blog of the year but not the least, I want to wish you a very Happy New Year 2012 
May you all be blessed with lots of good happy and wonderful times ahead. Thank you all for following my blogs and liking my posts.


Truth eventually is right and bright in front of our own eyes. We can be rich to gift ourselves with the best things in gadgets, gizmos and geeky things of modern life but in the process of this we have lost a part of ourselves known to human mankind called “Happiness”. I don’t moan about it all the time but I actually see it in front of my own eyes, my own senses and in the world outside from the moment I step out till I am back inside my own four walls.

Today, a british daily newspaper ran the article about the same. I can definitely agree to it since I have experienced those things myself. I was born to those situations, where a child has responsibility for his doings may be not if you are really well off. Not really, if you are from the family where the value of things is more fed by the parental fundings(over the necessary limits). The point not to be missed here is – is the money more important or your time in terms of happiness with your own children takes the higher precedence.

Here, is the article from today’s newspaper that I couldn’t stop yapping about. Take a minute or two to read on and tell me if this is true. I dont see children playing in this world for obvious reasons, for the truth is – the society where the structure doesnt permits to be free yet fundamentally the most free countries in the world lack that security.

The truth is quite implicable not to the children but to the ones who enjoy the freedom and feelings to enjoy that life. Even the F1 hosted in India, Lewis Hamilton quoted “He felt like a King” which is what that country has it in its roots. The place where the mankind has not lost it all yet in the verge of uprooting its culture for modern ethnicity of Apple(not fruit) iPads, iPods, iPhones and techno gadgets.


What in the world is your worth!! Have you ever thought of yourself as a person who lived all your life the circles of this usual vicious life but have lost that touch to your own inner-self.

Today that I see everyone giving ideas, thoughts and selling themselves to be the one who they actually either were or want to be. But in all this, what the basic moral of life they tend to skip – is to be one with you. We all want the modern gadgetry of this apple world and the modern tablets but does that really makes you live your real life. The virtual phenomenon of existence has brought us down many steps from what the real life .. The REAL YOU used to be.

Emotions of life, from the time you are born till the time you die. Someone who never gets to see the life and cease his existence before even reaching this life and the ones who make it to life bring joys to the life of their parents and till the moment they leave they leave the emptiness of their warmth if they ever maintained it. Somewhere in all this belongs all our emotions, fears, love, lust, desires, longingness and above all the need to be one with self standing along with someone who can make you feel that – “You” are the real milestone of your own life.
Without no logical reasoning, we all make our bonds with our parents as we are born to them. We live to leave them behind for a logical reasoning of exploring ourselves and find partner. Have Children to keep the logic of our existence going and then decide to live hoping with the logic one day our children might want to come and be with us. For all the above logics, do we really give ourself some time to think from our real self? How much do we belong to ourselves? Are we doing this justice of being ourself but not being with your own self in real sense? Our dependencies break us but that seems the only way for existence when the world has shrunk into the virtual hole of iPads and iPods and iTouches and FaceBook status updates.

Do you really exist for the moment of life !! Then when was the last time you really wondered about this life and said – I am going to connect to myself. Today I see we all are machines, robots and humanoids in the hands of technology which is needed but do we see ourselves as really social beings “A BIG QUESTION” stands right in front of you. I feel the need to be myself and I decide of bringing that peace in my life away from these hassles of worries, love, lust, relationships, and unwanted creed of being in surrounded company of people who would not recognize you if you were to be away for a week from their lives.

The connection of you to your own self is within you. If you find this to be more than boring, think again or just leave now. I only express what I learned, saw and collected travelling the bounds of cities and the most remote places on earth. If you are not on the plane of self stability, the life will shrink like air out of balloon with a small leak in it. Yes, we fall sick and most of the times its only our emotions that make us fall sick. We are not in tandem with our own emotions, we can connect but lose our focus as soon we see the next person in our life.
My solo experience of being and learning who I am – I contribute it to Myself, when I can see within myself, identify my real purpose of life. I am here and I am never here – what really belongs here is only inside you. The feelings, the emotions, the words of tarnished experience that I collected – I feel we all have these things within us. Do we ever try to sit in peace and see outside our busy scheduled modern lives. If not, its almost time for you to connect within yourself. If you can’t and want to know how you can do it .. drop me a line. I am not going to change your life but share the simple facts of life that connect you to yourself. The thoughts are from the within, we all have them but to find the focus out of them to be who we are – is where the life and the tricks of life challenge us. If someone who has the reason to get you connected, it is not because the money is the only thing in life. The other part of you inside you – does not live on money but lives on rent inside your heart for which you never even want to acknowledge its presence. Make this little fella your real friend and see how the bounds of life around you want to make you feel the energy surrounding your existence.