Lord Mayor Show, London, UK – 2011

A beautiful day to the start of Lord Mayor show being the most warmest of all the previous years. Enjoy the little selection as I work to sort out few more hundreds of them.

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Ducati is in India, 2008

Made in Italy,
the Italians are here with the name that rocks the world with their two
wheels technology. Ducati, the world champions from the year 2007 and
the current year underway are already making the waves worldwide. But
since the very beginning of the year 2008, all the motor industry
counted it as a year when all the major experts will see making their
presence felt in India. So Ducati, not losing back in the run when likes of orange (KTM) and green (Kawasaki) are already here with a brand to market themselves with the growing upsurge of young and rich Indian economy.

New Delhi, May 7, 2008 : Ducati at the press launch of their entry to India

the base of the International Mission “To be the leader in premium
motorbikes conceiving true icons of passion and Italian style thanks to
distinctive features and superior performance proven on the racetracks
all over the world” were the words marked by the Gabriele Del Torchio,
CEO, Ducati. He announced the official Launch of the Ducati making
their presence felt in India
with a strong dealership base and a head start to a new venture. He
expressed that for Ducati, calling them a customer is not suggestible
since they belong to the culture embedded by company from the past as
each owner of this motorcycle gets to be the part of family which is
called Ducatisti, the official community of Ducati bikers around the

India is finally no more behind
when it comes to the world of superbikes, the only next thing that we
need is an official track to contest the availability of these
wonderful marvels of human

mankind. You need to wait before you can finally reach the adrenalin
kicking in your nerves. The price tag for this Italian engineering will
be higher than the usual Japanese

competitors with a starting price of 15L to 50L. The display on the
launch was another beautiful thriller with Italian color Superbike
1098, a yellow 1098, Superbike 848, Monster, and hypermotard.

Deadly Delhi – Hate it but we all belong in here. Good n Bad.

A meet with a friend from Leh, Lhawang. I met him and we shared our stories as we were meeting after a long span of time. We met another friend with a little drink and some snacks to follow it. Soon we all left from Safdarjung Enclave where this other friend of ours live. We all started smooth, and on the way near IIT across the flyover, we found that there was a sudden Traffic Jam. It was not so long that I crossed a DTC(Delhi Transport Corporation) Bus, to find that there was a guy lying on road with eyes closed and senseless. The chaotic Delhi has no space for helping anyone.

Just that me and my friends stopped to see, that there were more bikers and scooterists who stopped and they guy is just lying in the middle of the road. Some ladies on the roadside who saw what happened, told that its the same bus, who was causing the Jam, hit this guy. Even he was wearing a Helmet, but it was not strapped. Finally, some more of us, pulled that chap to the Footpath and it seems that his breath was still intact. The bike was tossed but kept on side of the road by the crowd standing along. The Bus driver was smart to move out quickly and no one seem to be bothered about what happened in the Bus. Such a pity on this city and its people. We found one the Gypsy with Delhi Police written on it was passing by – who did not want to stop but as we shouted and made them stop. The two guys inside were just hesitant to help but finally, somehow we got to manage them to agree to take the Chap to the Hospital, and in that while, one person who was more ready to help made sure he goes along with him. We all waited to find his mobile which seems to have fallen down and split into three with the base of the phone not easily to be seen.

The Delhi Police arrived at the scene almost 20mins late and everyone seems to have had gone from the spot. Just a rough idea of things work in the city. The police useless to know anything but just took a note and disappeared. It was a shame at first but its a busy and devils disguise to deal with such people.The lady who saw it all and told us, said, you guys too are biker and it can happen to anyone. He must have had a family back home waiting for him and it was her right to shout and yell to help that stranger. I salute to this lady saying no doubt but this is bad, that so many people and just few to help !!

A lesson learned : ride anyway u like But I request you to make sure, you wear your helmet. Not just wear it, but strap it properly.
Helmets can be a life saviour.

Twist !! Navbharat Times !! Spoil SPort

A local Newspaper daily – "Navbharat Times", Hello Delhi –  used my photograph from my blogs without my prior permission to be printed in today edition(9thMay06). How proffessional it is to use some one’s photographs without a prior permission ??
I have got an email from a friend congratulating me for my name coming into the newspaper and I have wondered what it is for. Then he told me that it was my photograph. Now the thing is – Should I send them a note asking for a description of how have they used my photograph ?
Although its not such a big concern, but I just doubt how safe it is to put your pics online.. Its just a landscape but what if I would have posted anything else..
All your thoughts are most welcome..