GoPro 3 – The Excitement – Questions and the wait

I am quite sure that by now, more than half of the world already knows what GoPro is and what they make. For the ones who may still not know will know a lot more after reading this post. I have been thinking about it from a long time if I shall make a jump and spend these few hundred quids getting my hands on these small little geeky inventions which capture all your motion pictures in amazing quality.

Another reason, I want to get one is for my own safety on the road. On Friday, 21st June 2013 –  I was knocked on from my right with the impact on my right leg, the side of my motorcycle and left front of the car. It was slow speed at 2omph filtering through standstill traffic on motorway(A1M) heading north. Although, I was very very lucky to come off it unhurt in a nasty manner – Not that I don’t ride safe but because someone else’s mistake – I was about to lose my limb or even more – not sure if it matters now but it sure left me with a experience of a lifetime to remember once again. I ride to live and not ride to show-off so there is a difference in me being a motorcyclist. Motorcycle is my only way to life – for it constitutes my only way of transportation.  Going back to the topic – GoPro has been on my mind for quite long time but now I do feel the need for it even more.

So before I go buy one, I had several questions in my head about what I shall buy. There are already plenty of alternatives similar to the GoPro cameras but I prefer to stick with the known branded option as I have had no self experience with these little gadgets. The best I have used so far is the FULL HD on my Nokia Lumia 920 but I am restricted to use it on the move due to its size and shape. I want to mount it and be free from the fear of letting it fall off on the move. I have done my bit of homework but still I have no answers to few questions which I will find out once I get on with it.

I intend to use it for everyday move in and out from London all year long so it better be reliable, rugged and waterproof. So my basic conditions would have to be met and they are offered in GoPro by default. So which version, model and mounts. Huh, there is endless heap of information to dig when you go finding GoPro3 but it really is a heap to dig at. Some of the questions which I really still struggle to find answers even after 3 days of digging is very vague. So, I know what to find when I get it first and share it out.

So, after all the research, pricing and careful thinking I had to decide with the top of the range GoPro3 Black Version – which basically has the so called best resolution of this modern day and age in its little tiny camera which you can fit anywhere(almost) when you are on the move. I ordered mine online after finding the cheapest deal for £250.99 which actually retails at £359.99 + £11 Shipping reaching £370 on the GoPro website itself.  Now, this is the first time I am ordering from a different source so I am still bit anxious but the reviews on the website and other online sources gave me a piece of mind while ordering it.

Now, I have few questions in my head which are not very clearly answered anywhere – point to point.
How much time does it take to charge a GoPro3 battery pack ?
How long does the battery pack lasts on different modes under different weather conditions ?
How stable and smooth the vibrations are handled by GoPro3 ?
How many mounts shall I buy / what is the best possible positions ?
Is after market battery packs an option ?
How much space would it use on the 32Gb Class 10 UHS-1  Micro SD card ?
How do I play with the GoPro Remote while I am on the move ?

I have already downloaded the GoPro 3 app on the phone to see the live view when it is mounted so at least in that regards I should be well off. Also, awaiting for SANDISK 32GB Class10 UHS-1 Micro SD card which should be with me shortly. So in total  a bit of expensive thing to start with. But I am hopeful this should yield me something good and creative to share. To bring all those exotic British landscapes while I ride through them in all the good /bad /ugly weather conditions.

For Now, it is just the waiting period. Photos and videos will be shared once I get the order. Since I am not a video person in terms of shooting and editing – I will be on a new learning curve to understand all the technical depths of modern resolutions by doing it myself. Although in the meanwhile, I am considerate reading the reviews from all those who bought this and have experienced battery issues. Definitely, more battery packs needed.  We shall see it all once I get it.


DUCATI Multistrada 1200 S – 2013 – Ride Review

20.04.13 – North London : DUCATI MULTISTRADA 1200S – As the name DUCATI is good enough to know what this post is going to be all about. Yes, DUCATI – the ITALIAN ingenious has struck us again with their upgraded but much advanced, lighter and more powerful all in one kind of motorcycle. I suppose everyone who is into motorcycle knows what DUCATI stands for – their fast – super-fast – ultra fast racing Superbikes.

Multistrada also known as MTS1200 – is one of its own kinds  motorcycle. No wonder that Italians have broken the barrier of its limitations and went on crazy with providing us something that never feels same in all rounder two wheels. I got an opportunity do the photos for the dealer and their own in-house catalogue – so there I was. Just on the job and this was not just going to end there. I know I wanted to open the throttle on this “STILL THRILL” motorcycle.  Within a couple of hours, once the job was done – I knew where I was headed to now satisfy my real lust of this beautiful beast.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It left me with not enough room to ask for more for what it is made to do. This is one motorcycle which is made for those who want to live life on the extreme and also be able to feel the torque through the gears. For a moment, it did take me first few minutes getting used to the height and the well balanced high seating. The CG of the bike is at very sweet spot which allows you to take it for a real open thrill on the cornering too. Daring to get one with the bike only took me about first five minutes and we were just going to gel together for the rest of the ride. First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth – Oh YESS… this was turning on to be crazy “Mentally” satisfying experience.

I opened the throttle to a pretty good 8k RPM in the sixth and it just marked its top notch just about what you would love to see from a bike like this. It is very very stable at high speeds, the wind screen adjusted to give you a full clear view of the open roads also letting the wind not strike you on the face but aerodynamically overflowing your seating comfort – you are just concentrated to feel this flow and fly with it. Braking is superb with inch inch perfection at all the speeds – you know you begin to feel the trust once you step on it. It took me literally first five minutes to mould myself to the bike and bike to my likings.

One wheel through the First, Second and Third – you can turn it to be even a wheelie monster if you are capably able to control the torque under you. This becomes an instant love after you could feel the beats of the pumping power. To test it out of the smooth roads, I ventured to the little small B roads leading to one of the off road path – it just goes smooth through the gravel and make you feel you are totally safe in its capabilities. Turning this into a monster on the gravel would need you to stand on the pegs and open it full but I did not manage to get it to that far status as I didn’t own the bike yet. It makes you feel that power and asks you to enjoy it.

By the end of this ride, I was ready to do the ride review for it. Out of breath and full on adrenalin – this is a super bike for anyone with a budget of £13,000 Base model (OTR) and £15,500 Fully loaded (OTR) models. On the downside, it does gulps the fuel like a full guzzler ready to drink you all empty at the fastest pace. So other than two items – MPG/£££££’s – this is a bike for one who wants to rise above the rest and sit at the top to enjoy the riding world.

Ride Review (Out of 5)
Handling  : 5/5
Braking     : 5/5
Cornering : 4.5/5
Off-road    : 4.5/5
Touring     : 5/5
Pricing      :  4/5 (It is not every day commuter bike)

My adrenalin charged – after the ride – quick round of review. I had to do this – it was just the moment of adrenalin charged ride.

Kawasaki ER6F – Ride Review

The Reason why it all has to be done is because my real ride has gone in for a full engine job which leaves me with this courtesy motorcycle from the workshop.

So the full story on my bike unfolds here in this video. It is a bit more of emotional meltdown to know that I had to get this done at this stage but I am not left with any other option before I get myself killed if it locks up while riding !!

As of now,  since you know the whole story about my ride – Here is the additional story of the courtesy ride. I have been on it for 550miles when I did this review but by the end I return it back it would already have gone well over a 800miles in a period of 8days and here is the real review.

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I do not write what people do because I do not get paid to do these things but I get the pleasure to share these real opinions in the real world.  So for the full details of the why you should and should not buy a “Kawasaki ER6F” or rather also known as “Ninja 650” watch the video.

In all honesty, it is a city bike.  No hidden reasons but if you are light and small person this is the way to go and if you are riding it mostly in the city through the traffic.

I am myself not a big lad and too tall. At 178cms, I cant really enjoy this bike on the open roads or on the motorways.

“-“ The maximum top end is 110mph, the brakes are shabby – even though they are with ABS, Suspension feels really not meant to do two up on it ever and to add more – it is a beginners bike in all honesty.

“+” The good points, its a small, light(178kgs), compact, traffic friendly,  easy to filter through traffic, good mileage, thumper, two cyclinder parallel twin and Nifty Fifty bike.

Don’t expect anything more out of this bike – It is good  “A to B” bike ONLY.

Nikkor AF 20mm f/2.8 D – Review / Unboxing

Initially, I was bit hesitant about The Nikkor AF 20mm f/2.8 D but after reading its reviews on the Photozone website and few others, I was not quite impressed. I have not had my hands on this lens but instead of looking for ultra wide 14mm I was satisfied with 20mm to begin with. I bought my lens via the ProCameraShop which again was the first time for me to buy from but they simply were super quick and next day delivery left me nothing but a great experience to deal with. I was buying online first time so I did have a little hesitant response and I called them right away to check what the deal was as I have not bought from them before. Their price was the best online compared to any of the other online retailers so I wanted to be sure. I did a quick online check on few forums and it turned out that they have been in business and operating in UK for quite sometime although warranties are offered through them.

After all the initial hassles, I had the boxed Nikkor AF 20mm f/2.8 D  in my hands. It came through a tracking UPS delivery so no hassles at all kind of deal.

Whats in the box.
Whats in the box.
Unboxing, what’s in the box.
Unboxing, what's in the box.
Unboxing, what’s in the box.
Unboxing, what's in the box.
Unboxing, what’s in the box.
Unboxing, what's in the box.
Unboxing, what’s in the box.
Unboxing, what's in the box.
Unboxing, what’s in the box.
Unboxing, what's in the box.
Unboxing, what’s in the box.
Unboxing, what's in the box.
Unboxing, what’s in the box.

The Nikkor AF 20mm f/2.8 D is a full frame ultra wide-angle lens with 94° (70° with Nikon DX format) picture coverage with edge-to-edge sharpness. Additionally, the lens also boasts of Close-Range Correction (CRC) system provides high performance at both near and far focusing distance.

Unboxing, what's in the box.
Unboxing, what’s in the box.
Unboxing, what's in the box.
Unboxing, what’s in the box.
10yrs Recycle !!!
10yrs Recycle !!!
Unboxing, what's in the box.
The Plastic Barrel and the rubber ring.
Final piece of glass
Final piece of glass

E.g @ F4 sharpness. You can click on the image to go the full size res.

“Nikon AF Nikkor 20mm F2.8D” @ F4

Although the review received by  
Photozone website and what I observed from the quality of shots on the FX , I do  not find this lens to be as bad as rated. For this price you cannot go wrong for what you are getting out of it and for travel photography on FX you will possibly score all that you are after from this glass.


Nikon D700 with Nikkor 20mm F2.8D

I do not see why people have rated this lens with such a low feedbacks – I mean you cannot get a sharpness of 1.4 at the price of 2.8 and this is not so hugely expensive lens.

Although all said about the lens, I would possibly share my dilemma between upgrading to D600 or D800 which has caused me to be quite upset with both the two recent FX upgrades.
Till then, thanks for looking and dropping by.

HP Pavilion G6 Review

At first it took a lot of time to make a decision between a DELL, LENOVO and HP. Not forgetting the fact that APPLE is also a contender but never in a real race because of their over priced tags which to my opinion are just good for showoff when the same tasks can be done in a better faster way on lower priced machines.

For my everyday needs I have a Lenovo T410 and an old Intel duo core 1.3Ghz Dell machine. I wanted something which will run my Adobe suite without crashing and running out of memory all the time. I must also search for a machine that is not going to put a hole in my pocket beyond my budget restraints. I started looking at Intel new range core i7  but they are simply not fitting in my budget and the call now is only between i5 and i3 cores.

After searching online for days, weeks I was waiting for an opurtunity to find a perfect deal. An average i5 and i3 processor on a laptop would differ between £80-150 straight away along with ram option of 4gb or 6gb. It is obvious to pay that price for performance but paying beyond my needs and my budget will not be my kind of thing. Being a technical guy with an IT profession it makes sense to know my exact needs.

My other two laptops would unfold to go on ebay or possible one of the direct reselling shops(Xe, currency converter). I know I would still get about £250 odd from previous laptops considering they both have good working condition along with a hefty 4gb Ram in both the laptops.

Eventually after all the search and details of looking for perfect configuration at a good price I found what I was looking for. An i5 processor turbo charged 3.2Ghz with 6GB RAM, 1GB graphic card on board, 750GB HDD, HDMI port and all the little nibbles to satisfy my needs for a decent price under £400. Now that is what I call a deal, the only thing is I wont be getting any of the extras in this case. It would be a non OEM packed box with a one year warranty, no OEM discs and no Recovery discs which completes all my tick boxes. As I never ever needed those useless recovery discs since I prefer to configure my HDD partitions to my own needs.

It took me 8 working days after I placed my order online on PCworld website. At first it seemed to be a challenge waiting but in the end it was worth the wait. I got the laptop which arrived in the same state as I would expect to see it in the shop. Just that it was not in its original HP box but that anyways would be going in the bin so who needs to have that.

Accessories only included the battery pack and the charger cable with the wall mount socket for charging.

Ergonomics wise, the keyboard is spacious to use for longer keystrokes without much of strain on your fingers. If you are annoyed with the DELL touchpad this will be a relief as you can enjoy the comfort of not losing your work each time your finger or hand swipes over the touchpad. Lenovo has a better touchpad but I would be satisfied with this since I use an external Logitech wireless K360 keyboard.

Speaker performance is better than any other that you will get closer to in this section. HP Pavilion series comes with Altec Lansing speakers. That no doubt offers you crystal clear sound with additional options to adjust the bass and the treble if you are keen on the music preferences to your ears. You  would be amazed even further if you have got a good set of headphones the quality is unbelievably worth tuning into and something hard to get away from.

On the other hand, you would want to know about the Sound surround features that are marked on the left hand bottom panel showing SRS premier sound. It does justify for the quality that you can expect for which you would have paid a good amount already. It sure is anyday a DELL and LENOVO beating machine on the sound output quality in this range.

For ease of connectivity to your other devices this is a well equipped machine. You would get 3 USB slots with two on one side, 1 HDMI port, 1 VGA port, 1 Ethernet Network Port, 1 each headphone and microphone standard jack along with a SD/MMC card reader that serves all the left side of the bottom panel on this HP Pavilion G6 series laptop.

Modern devices all need good and long life powerful batteries. This laptop comes with Li-ion cell battery to give you a good performance of upto3.5hrs easily and then showing last 15% remaining which I would say is second best in the market next to LENOVOs. No one comes next to beating the battery life of Lenovo laptops. Out of everyday use you will see that it does not really faint away like most others especially common in Dell. The power charger for this laptop is on the right side unlike those of the Lenovos and Dell which are on the back and on the left side. On the right side bottom panel you will also find the locking bay, third USB port, a display for charger plugged in and a CD\DVD tray. I personally did not opt for the Blu-ray model as I see it further away from my everyday use.

For this price you cannot get any other laptop in this range to satisfy all your needs. I would recommend this machine to anyone who wants to work on something good on faster processing power, longer battery life and excellent sound quality.

As of all the things there are always something that you feel is not right and that one thing which does not fit this criteria in this laptop is the display. It is reflective panel so if you are sitting in a bright source of light you will expect to see your own reflection in the screen more often than the text or your visuals on the screen. Again, for this price this is an excellent product but I would again recommend anyone buying this product in its entirety of quality and value for money.