Austrian women are definitely BEAUTIFUL

Women women women, when you work with them you know what you are expecting especially when you are behind the lens and know what you would wish to expect from your models.
For all these years shooting women and admiring what works good with them you will want to know how to appreciate beauty not just the way you see them through the lens but also outside the lens. I personally feel the difference seeing them away from all the cultural view points. Being a non-european I have no cultural bias whether you come from East or West but rather what you bring with you when you come. Terms of beauty you can see the difference when you see them the first time.
From the people who have been following me on my FB Photography already know that this was coming but for those who don’t know what this is all about – you will know it now. I have been shooting this winters in Austria combining my time of holidays with family, with friends and also with my lil frenzy beautiful women.
I wont be saying much here but when you have a below zero temperatures you have got to do the best to bring the best. Especially when the light conditions don’t allow you to produce what you would do normally. I had a difficult day shooting with low light conditions but the results surprised me to my expectations. I would rather blame it on the Austrian women who indeed know how to look smart, sexy and stunning whatever the temperature be.

Not too hard to judge but SOTS(Straight Off The Shoot)I am sure for a quick preview this is enough to put the eyes to warm up a little before much more can follow.
Hopefully this will be my last blog of the year but not the least, I want to wish you a very Happy New Year 2012 
May you all be blessed with lots of good happy and wonderful times ahead. Thank you all for following my blogs and liking my posts.


Of the year when we start looking forward to the winter holidays and the beginning of the new year. Long look back it all goes in circles as always. Since childhood I have seen that each year from 1st of Jan till 31st of Dec runs like a perfect clockwork orange where everything settles into the rythym. We go up and down the curve of emotions filled with happy, sad and quiet times. Not all is lost in this making we just add another year to the calendar and somewhere along the year to our passing life. It may be short but the span of time is never small. To sum it all, it is the year where I took back to the blogs and somewhere along the lines I have had made this a habit to be a part of my life by doing what I like and love. In the past few months the passion has taken over me again for the things which I used to do. Not too bad I guess to get back to my life again in a new excited way. We never grow old in the way we are always rejoycing our childhood. Some may agree to give up the thoughts here but I am true to mine. Hard line between growing up, giving up and gearing up for that feeling of adulthood. Yeah, the world does it to all who go through the phases of catching up with external world outside your own insides. Not going on for too long but yes, the first snow of this winter has made its way to challenge me this morning on way to work. This global warming certainly has caused this change of not such striking cold winters. For today, Its just about looking at us and the way we have let the year go by. I will make a quick run down from the month to month timeline through the photos, of this year.

January 2011
A month that I was born in, A month to try and do something new. Had a first attempt with threesome, nice travel in Madrid and a bit of snow along.

February 2011
A slow cold month but eventually had time to look around and explore the east coast of essex and local areas. 

March 2011
It was warm then before but more quieter period of the year. A trip down to Ace cafe and an amazing night with a full moon giving me a good company.

April 2011
Travel month to make it count, with a trip down to Bristol, then flying over to Austria and finally much awaited Scotland ride to cover it all up. Travel month of the year I supose.

May 2011
Summer has started so was the power of its dullness in regards to slow life. Long days and smaller nights. Nothing to spark that usual daily life.

June 2011
Midway through the year. Lull was about to leave, had a busy month. A ride to cambridge followed with a ride to the shores of Anglesey in wales with an old friend from NYC.

July 2011
Change was evident. Life was going to more harder but nonetheless it was smooth. Some from work front and some from other things. Met new people and had a new experience of UrbanExploration. Bristol, Brighton and Guildford – travel again formed part of the life. Along came K for a ride down to south coast.

August 2011
Year has moved on really fast. Almost another trip but one with a difference of life and experience. Frankfurt am Main. Met new people, made new friends and pushed the life forward with the unknown and unseen to come as the job was finishing this month.

September 2011
Change was expected, life switched the tracks and so did I switched to BMW 1200GS like a dream that was. For a short while but amazing. Exploring the coasts of Norwich, Hunstanton and city life of London. Meeting Phil and riding along to Ace happened to be one of the best time together.

October 2011
A month of new passion and desires to be fulfilled. A long awaited new Macro lens added to the kit with Teleconverter 2x. Bristol was on charts again and so was the first auction that I was part of. Nice experience to add it all.

November 2011
Not as cold as the month of November should be. Time has clocked faster than before and it is nearing the end. Lord Mayor Show and London Occupy protestors form the ever enchanting combination not to forget walking in the woodlands adds to freshness in life.

December 2011
Far from over yet but another end. No, a new beginning soon after. Each end is another beginning – so wrap off the month with a trip down south in southampton, Bristol and above all a long haul Austria to enjoy my first Skiing session. Not all is lost there is always a leaning involved given the aim to add new skills never ends.
Compared to all the previous years snow has finally made its way. Doesnt seem to last much but its nice to see it fall.

Said all that, it is not at all bad to have a quick look into the things of the year – it just provides a new dimension to the way things work.

Lord Mayor Show, London, UK – 2011

A beautiful day to the start of Lord Mayor show being the most warmest of all the previous years. Enjoy the little selection as I work to sort out few more hundreds of them.

To see the full gallery follow here..

Source of life .. [Sun] – II

Sun, the basic necessity of life which we lack in real terms of life. People run to go south, further south, further east but all of sudden when it decides to show up.. It never lacks to release that power of fresh feeling energy ..

Here we go.. .It was first a decision not to go but then .. Did I really want to miss this expensive sunny day – may be the last one this calendar year of 2011.. baaah baaah.. baaah.. Ja, I m going !!

At first, it seems to be good but it needs to get better until it is the best !! Ride “ON” now @ ranting mankii

Did someone ever say, more is never enough.. So what.. you can get even more.. Just Kick your Pedals 😉 La la laa…

The purpose is never fulfilled – it’s the way we humans are.. I m not going to kick anymore for anymore.. enough is enough.. WAIT, there was a challenger ..

What .. where .. !! It bloody hot, no one is out here !!
Damn, I need to see open my eyes .. Start sleeping in night – Man

You know what .. !! .. It’s a good thought to lose sometimes, I am going to enjoy the hot heat way.. M Y W A Y

To forget, to forgive and yet to be One with yourself – You need to Sweat hard dude!! Oh yeaah.. was doing it out loud.

Sweat is good for health if you still know that you can sweat in October, its bloody cold .. Stop cribbing start ENjoyIng .. Shut up n Ride the RAMP

After all that sweat, you do feel like color blind – sweating like a dog who only has his sweat glands in his mouth !! Damn, oh yes, that true and some believe dogs dont see colours as well.. It seems becoming one was easy when u sweat

Life can be so colourless at times and at the blink of eye it can be the most colourful thing, Autumn is all around !! Yeah, its strange – its summer heat combined with Autumn – that too in Britain !! HELLYEAH

Sing me .. a Song… Song of love, the leaves are going to fall and we are going to separate – love of my life and apple of my eye – I love you to see you but to see you go, you come again in my life – is that what the trees sing to the falling leaves ?? – HOW CAN I KNOW 😀 LoL

It seriously is getting hot.. indeed hotter .. seems I was back home today – the weather brought the hot sultry wind along and the whole landscape seems so classic – faded in luxurious sun

But as we all know.. we must keep going this time to the downhill – the speed and the adrenalin comes along till the flat road hits again – was I really not going to capture it .. OH COME ooON..WHEN DO I EVER STOP

And a little bit more.. A bit more the brit way — goooooooooo

Aaah.. there’s still some more curves along the road.. Can I make some more of them .. OFCOURSE

Dont I get tired, Yes I do .. and when I am tired I am back to doing – what I love to do .. Be myself, Do as the Romans in Rome, Love the nature when in greens. Ooioiiieeeh Doing it baba ..

Even the nature says.. go run away.. do not disturb us !! Yes, they said it out loud but what can I do if they show me so many mini wonders .. SHALL I RUN … no ways

After all this conversation, do u think I am going to quit – no I m going to go for more

Abstracts of nature are the best, one can enjoy when in nature. One of my close friends introduced me to his many miracles, one being his Macro lens, which I miss so much but do hell, till I don’t buy mine – Addie, I will keep haunting you with the macro shots from non Macro lens.. beware, this one goes out to you 🙂 my dear buddy

Enough is once more enough, let me get back – its going to be all uphill and it will make me all classic about it – in unsaturated mode !!

For now, this is going to be it .. I m getting tired – the ride is killing me – too much adrenalin drained out so soon – is also not a good thing .. ting ting..

Well, I must say bye now to all the avid friends who saw the warmest day of the year at 29C 🙂 today. The final shot of the day and till the next time I get to see the sun again.

Winds of change

Unable to express myself today – seems like too much in the head and none to output those eternal yet conflicting thoughts all in the very darkest of the corners inside the head. It appears nonetheless the more consistent but rather a step towards outgrowing myself whether it appears to be in my age, my thoughts, my maturity, my levels of seeing things and above all the changes that have made me see this world so differently. A life that bloomed as innocent, yet pure and very unaware of the world has come to the terms of seeing how unsafe it is to be innocent, unclever and unclear of your own aims in life.

There is a fine line of understanding yourself to the world and where you separate yourself from that second self which is on the line of fire with the external world – the battle of survival, the job, money which takes you into a different realm that has no end till you die. But the one that should keep you alive is the one that in inside you. Playing two sides to a coin has not been my way of life but that it is undeniably true to the real terms of life that you cannot keep yourself as one to play in this world. The time changes with the age, the way we live, the way we exist and the way we love – it all changes with our surroundings. The passion of doing something passionately is onto how lively you are – that fine line of sensibility, that makes you full fill your obligations towards life that comes all with age.


To divide myself on to the two sides of the coin has divided those features of excellence into halves of challenging myself. Even to adore that we have and to enjoy what we have – we must have a clear air of ourselves. Everything that divides me is making it half of me, the love that I have for everything in this life including myself is true and is lived through the open thoughts of being myself without being it in halves. I love you my dear, I love this life and I love being who I am – the fine sense that I have enjoyed and want to enjoy will only come with the age.

Aah.. I am eluded by these thoughts and I must come down to this earth again – take on the life with the full force of my real talents. The way to live in this life is getting to your targets the way no one else can guide you to them. You, me and all of us live this for somethings that we want and for those who have already achieved this – we must remember that there is always something makes us live for the next day. We must cherish, live these moments and try to keep them coming back to our life. I have done plenty of things that make me happy – plenty of things that makes me alive – plenty of travel that one can do without planning – to this life, I want to have my Cheers. But with age, as I mentioned – the Winds of change – must knock on my door as I feel today – the day has come when I must – I must observe myself to my desires to my demand and to all of the above – my aims.

On a peronal note, I live this moment so that I come and take this to all those highs that shall be mine. I want to live and live like what I have – A FreeBird ..