Camera Porn

Is my brain getting diverted to what I just mentioned in my last post. Addie, yes my friend !!
The porn of camera is ruling my head since a long time now and this time I know it will soon be reality. Did I mention Macro in one of my last posts. I think you heard me right. My head and my heart this time are both in right direction which is hard to stop. My dear love, has no objections on it if I am going to spend some cash on my new porn starrer 105mm F2.8G AF-S VR lens.

I have used it for few weeks courtesy my dear friend as I mention him again in this post for which I am really thankful. It is unavoidable to not mention the word “Porn” because the people who live more with the camera knows that it is a real-time addiction to get rid of. More so why to even get rid of – it keeps those brain nerves and little creative seed in our brains active all the times. Hard not to see but some of the old results are still very alive from my past shots.

The Big question lies, if I will still be getting it at the price I saw it right now. Price/Bargain/Deal – Well, this is a known place for all those who are big time camera aficionados for Nikon cameras. Grays of westminster in London is the best place to be at if you are looking to buy something genuine and highly reliable.

Going out to see tomorrow morning, first thing at 10am sharp – If this porn maker is still available & if I can get my hands on it tomorrow – the results will show up here or unhappy me will be coming back to tell you the story of the day.

Not to miss the F1 Qualifying, it’s at 5.55AM GMT. Damn it, on saturday its too early to wake up but I don’t miss the little things I love to watch other than clicking the nature and its beauty. Anxious night now !!