Klagenfurt, A view from above.

Small as it may appear but has a lot of nature that one can grasp in this place. Surrounded by Alps on both of it sides, land of lakes and endless nature treasures. As I say my good bye to this wonderful place I bring this moment to share with all of you.

View from the top.
Klagenfurt – view from the top, Austria.

A man, his harem and his slaves.

A real true story that emerged quite unexpected in them most unimaginative way to cause the biggest surprise in the most emotional manner. Sitting at a meeting with two of my business clients who had a common connection. This is going to get very very interesting as we go. We finished our meeting and sittng at coffee. This common connection is “Mr G” based in Karinthia region of Austria.

Mr. G is a very intellectual, mind player, charming for the woman and self appraising till the eternity. He plays himself as a man who plays the truth in his stories, oh he is celebrity of his own in this small part of the world. One of my client who is lady in her 40’s(R) and the other one who is another lady in her late 20’s(A)on the coffee table realised that this common connection of their has more in common. The coversation opened in a manner about how do you know our Mr. G. Oh, A answered – I made his website, designed the book of his cover, he was my ex-bf until he got all his desired results with the business and beyond satisfied by me.  Now, to the surprise the R answered that he is my partner for past 8 years and still living the life at large in a relationship where he is more or less a partner for his needs. I am his partner for all his personal needs where he expects me to wash, iron and fulfill his needs. This was turning a catastrophe as the cards were just thrown but not played yet. A said – the reason to break up with him was not just that he used her but played the same game with five other woman. Two of which are common to A and yet, he has been quite good at its game.

Mr. G is in his 40’s, single, a character who is not willing to be dominated by anyone other than him. He is a man who only knows an art of getting his desired needs, whether it be work, official or personal. He plays a game of love to not one but to all at the same time. Now we were unearthing the real truth. This man has written his book saying he talks about the truth, he did a project bringing pictures of a regional mountain – every day a picture from a same spot all year long selling unedited loudly publising his real truth of staight from the camera with no editting, has a bigger truth. He read his unpublished book to A that he has a book where he writes how he uses his woman for the satisfaction of needs, desire and personal satisfactions. How in the world can this one man be playing with nine woman that we have named, spoken on the phone in front of each other and have the same story.

What Mr. G writes is a truth. He unearths the truth and nothing else. At this time he has come as a true man but he has shown his character of how strong charismatic charm he plays. He knows the biggest, the most powerful females in this region and plays with all for his needs. Now, at this time R is heart broken and in a state that some one has pulled the earth under her feet. She got divorced from her husband 8years ago hoping that this man will be stong enough to support her in the toughest of the times. For all this time she is speechless but to confirm that A is not lying, she phoned another of her friend who Mr G has played same game in the name of love (lets call her O) for two years. Now this makes three affairs all in parallel. R is involved in since 8years, A for 6 months and O for 2years. But wait this is not ending here, O has one more common lady who has been stamped as his love. Can this get any more exciting ?

In the book that Mr. G is written he has used all these characters in full details explaining how he uses them in real life. How in the name of love he has obtained which he would not have managed and to unleash the biggest surprise is that he kills the woman in the end. Now we do not know how real this is going to get. If this Mr. G who in real life is not just a liar (Icing on the cake of his real truth) he is playing a bigger game in his brain.

What shall these woman do ! This is going to be the biggest story in future we can put these characters together to unleash this Mr G who is not a man but a psychopath. He has no emotions for anyone besides he lives to fulfill everything in his life with the support of his slaves. He writes in his book, that these stupid naive woman do not know how he  his playing with them. He is expert in the world of his own with no one able to see beyond his eyes. Unseen but the thread has been opened with this one business meeting that has left a can of worms opened.

Broken, emotionally overchallenged and what shall be the next. Even sharing the emails of Mr G between R and A it appears he uses the same text, same sms and his same forward pattern to attract these woman day and night in his communication. Shall we leave it here for the moment, we have bigger truth than the truth of a man himself.

The Wrong Turn

Sometimes in life we do feel we have come a long way but just to realize the fact that last turn was not right one that pushed us so far. Ignoring our directions and feelings sometimes does make us feel that life is not really what we asked for. Somethings in life deserve the peace and patience to enjoy them not just the money and luxuries that people always want to dream of. Our lives may not be same as those of riches but what our lives are is what we want them to be.

Thought for food: Be an Individual, create your own road.

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Winter Wonderland

A life away from the world of busy traffic, chaos and people. Welcome to the world of nature painted and decorated by none other than the beauty itself in nature.

But to give that a justice it is hard not have it captured in real life.

Something for first time – Eislaufen

Life is a game that never goes on smooth but to keep the challenges smooth we must keep ourselves going ahead with the changes. Well for the first time in life I must do something new. So this something new was to happen today somewhere in Carinthia region of Austria.
Waking out of the darkness into the the sharp bright wonderful sunny light of morning sunshine. Here we go, driving farther away from the darkness to the light of bright new beginning.

It is not same as the years before that the winter was ever so warm that I could relate to it in terms that I have spent my last few christmas winters in Austria. Snow is not to be seen on the low lying areas at all. The only peaks that are above 800mtrs seems to have got their bit white gift this year.

The sun seems to have lit up bright and the skies blue. The proof of beautiful landscape in Austria is hard to be missed when you want to save it for your wonderful memories for coming years or endless sharing to the world.

Not trying to keep it a more of a secret but we are talking about something new for the first time in life. Ah, this is almost same as losing a virginity but that was long last but this is all about “Eislaufen”. Now for those who dont know the word – Eislaufen is made out of two words “Eis” for Ice and “laufen” for running or in this reference plain skating. First look into the wide vast lake that has been opened today for the public for first time. Its going to get busy and just carefullz noticing the natural beauty that nature offers us in so many ways.

Skating on the ice something that is never been thought by me that I would step on or would plan to do. Huh, oh yeah there is always a time for something new. At first, the thought is quite provoking well inspiring as well.

I can see the small children and so the adults but these are the people who all grew up doing all this from their younger years of learning to walk and stand up.
At first stepping on ice and walking needed a little care but actually it was not that bad as I thought about it. It is quite easy to walk on the frozen water. Well, atleast I had enough grip to feel the floor under me as I would feel when I walk on the grass.

My teacher for today is going to show me few tricks but she is rather an expert in her area of eislauf. I was not willing to step right into the shoes but took a little slower approach and lot of confidence from myself that I wont like to see myself broken over these holidays.

At first looking the way she made her way on the ice was more and more inviting to get going but I still was in the decisive moments of my calculations. Shall I be stepping on it now or shall I rather just wait for a little more.

More than my fear it was the challenge of falling on the ice and leaving myself in pains. Ah, whatever I am not going to think about it too much and I finally was getting ready to give in.

Given in, the challenge has started no more second thoughts. Either stand tall or break my back. At first I was simply amazed at how the balance was so much easier than just being on the skates. Absolutely remember my lessons from the roller skating days. I never even managed to learn the roller skates but this seems much more easier than on the wheels. The balance just came into the play by itself.

After my first round at the frozen lake I seem to have learned a little more of easier tricks to balance my ice skates. In the first 30minutes of learning and no fall ensured that I was not giving up on it as yet.

Taking breaks and getting started simply took no time to get back into the mode of faster and faster skating. I am enjoying these moments of feeling fresh energy through something new today in life.

Learning is more a part our life rather than believing in ourself as a master of all that we do.

Lastly, thanking the nature for giving us such wonderful gifts that we humankind can enjoy without ruining the peace of nature.

Not sure of what comes next as a part of my holidays in Alps. Skiing dream looks quite far away from what I can think and imagine of. The wait for skiing seems to be on hold unless the weather god throws a blanket of ice even still, the slopes wont be ready in the last remaining days of my break.

Thank you to all my friends and people who read here and hope you enjoyed a little bit of nature and its surroundings in the pictures.