I N D I A – The country of changing phases.

For to say it – Firstly and Fore-mostly – It may be surprising but I am going to write it all as I felt it in the past 4 days since I am in the country of this moving paced lifestyle and dramatically fast paced makeover.

It has been over 4 years since I was last here and this country sent a good shock through my spine when I first landed here. I landed here in the early morning hours but the chaos was not too quiet. I guess this was just the introduction of me to the fast paced changing nation. The first thing that was a shock for me was – The huge make over of the pre-existing IGI Airport. It seems to have undergone a huge visual and physical surgery to end up in this new layout which is really worth a mention. Coming from LHR this is a huge change but the transition time has drastically been cut short from hours to minutes.

It is all going to be on my videos once I can find myself in a suitable fast paced web environment. Still struggling with the web speeds and transfer of big files. So that all will have to wait till I land back in my England. I had my school friend picking me up from the airport to take me to my home in Trans-Yamuna. It seems that traffic is pretty much worst than ever before. I for first few minutes was in sheer shock – Shall I admit – I do not have a courage to drive or ride in this country again – May be I have become too much of a soft rider instead of a pure hard core. I do not know if I will be willing to take on in this traffic. It is pure nightmare – even at a night time on a Saturday morning – the rush seems to be too much of a challenge to get adapted too. I have disconnected myself from the life here in this country so I will be struggling a bit of getting used to it.

On my way home, I was straight on with the roadside food which my stomach has no complaints with so it all went great – proves – I am able to at least get in with the food habits of this nation. This is when I know, there is a bit of a desi inside of me. The roads have a few changes too along with changing nation – the breadth of the roads have gone double folds. The potholes scenario seems to have changed too but this is surely something that is normal for this nation. Not to forget that I am not an Indian anymore for a visit after 4 years there is a hell lot of changes to adapt too.

My Next day, the first day in this city has pretty much left nice touches to it. I started with paying my visit to Rajghat – the memorial to Mahatma Gandhi – the man which this nation now speaks of in strange words. I suppose this is the reason why modern lifestyles has created huge differences in the thought process of this changing nations population. Nothing here on my end – for me, it is still a reason to appreciate for this country – the man who gave his life to this nation for everything this nation now is. Many of those who will dis-agree but this is my thoughts and my notions – I respect him. The place is absolutely well planted with beautiful flowers, serene environs and stunning trees around. After a quick trip, I was soon headed into the the Old Delhi or call it Puraani Dilli. One of the most amazing and always the favorite part of Delhi for me.

If you have an eye for architecture hidden in the changing nation – this is where you will find it but not with an eye of having a camera but with an eye of a keen explorer only.  I can admit that this place has some feeling from the past by-gone era which is now no more a part of this changing nation. I love it to the bits that if you want to see the Incredible India – Come ask me for a walk and I will show that to you. (These shall follow us on the videos, at later stages).  Playing cricket in these small streets, even more amazing – getting hit by a plastic anda (ball) was impressive re-collection back into the childhood days. It all happens here. Incredible is not that this country is called so uselessly – the logic becomes separate from its real intent.

I am going to quit for the time being – since I do not have entire hours of web access so – I shall share some more as we go with it. In the meanwhile, if you are in Delhi – you know where to pop me a PM – leave me a liner on my FB page.