PARIS : An Experience – Part V

No, it is not over yet as I said Paris, is not a place where you can see it all within a day that is why I took two days to scroll through the streets and collect all that I could to bring you in this post. Some of you who have followed me from the past posts – I really appreciate your patience and at the same time welcome you again to continue this journey through this cold and rainy day. I Just cannot get over the fact that I am swamped by rain back to back.

Enough said !! Let’s get back to where we left so we can start the rest of the walk through the city and its architecturally vivid stances. By chance it happens that I have a camera that I do enjoy sticking in people faces for sometimes it really makes them angry but they don’t dare to fight a black ninja.. ha ha ha.. Just kidding.. lets go 🙂

Out of the Luxembourg experience and into another plane of architectural embrace. Just as I stepped out of the gardens, the greens disappear to a sudden extent that all you have is a concrete jungle around you. For two seconds, I had to make sure I was not going to wet myself beyond the desired urge so took a deep breath, adjusted my warm jacket inners and off I go.
Across the road, looking at the huge inviting dome, which for one stance does give a feel same to National Museum of London looking from this spot. Actually you are looking at Place du Panthéon.

Forgive me but I am not going to give you the full history of it here. This place has a different feeling each time I look at its architecture. Especially the domes in the door entrances, the windows and the grills that somehow never really existed in UK archiecture. A feeling of openness may be.

Beyond doubt, I did also find there is a vacancy opening in McDonald, Paris. Please be enlightened to submerge yourself into the dungeons of fast food eatery.

Does it prove that mobile phones are the last thing on this planet to make humans inhuman – indeed ! My observations with  mobile phones are more like love hate relationship with an ex who keeps coming back. So is this weather.

I am going to carry on without a break 🙂 today. I just happen to have decided – I am going to make this weather work for me.

For those who want to see a larger drama in life, lets bring you something even bigger.
As wide as your eyes can see and not even the widest lens can capture – you see a view of Eiffel Tower in the distance between the rows of these buildings on your left and to the right.

Only if I was a drug dealer and can afford the widest of the lenses in the world this 6mm would have been sitting in my kit but no, I am not that rich yet. I do not even have my own slaves yet 😀 ha ha ha..

As I mentioned a little while back, this is a concrete jungle and we ants(humans) inhibit this place to perfect satisfaction of ours. We keep this place running and makes it the most expensive concrete jungles – that I would never be a part of. Never, I can imagine living in this concrete jungles.

Does it just appears that the blue skies suddenly tempted me. Yes indeed, I see no signs of green at all so has to be something natural still to give me a reason to be here enjoying this Purple contrasty umbrella under the blue skies.

A new lease to make this world look so exciting and colorful  As it tends to be – this is quite not what I generally do but I suppose I have not many other options left with me. so we walk the alleys and snap snap shoot shoot .. rain falls at its own pace.

But the pouring downpour isn’t over yet. It is plup plup plup at its own pace. I am able to keep myself dry but not wasting too much of my energy standing still in one place instead – keep the body moving 🙂

It is indeed Paris – Everyone calls it a city of love. For love is in the architecture, the love is in the windows and in the not so human context. It is just another city for those who live here and for the rest of the world this is a place of Love unless you know where Moulin Rouge is. No, I had not been that lucky this time but may be next time I will do a round up there too to lighten you all up again.

Towards the river – this piece of work surprises me – how it must have been in the ages when it was build. The sign of care, affection and the motherhood which stood ages but hey, where is this now ! No one really has time to look up beyond what stands on the top of this structure. Such are our lives – the mobile phones make you look down not up 😀 please be glued to them 24 x 7 x 365 may be it helps you earn a lot of money too 🙂 who knows.

For those who are like me would be glad to find the Autumn in this city. There does exists the sign of nature flying through the wet and windy nature. It does not surprise me but I quite love to sit down on this wet floor to see and admire these fallen leaves which soon will be crushed by the walking pedestrians as the next lot of rush breaks.

How mental does this look ! For the eyes – Yes, it is not a straight out of the camera or SOOC shot but something which took few layers and more than couple of editting touches. It is not all about shooting in this weather but trying to make out of what the nature and the light has to offer. For a change I do like this shot and quite impressed by how it turned out. Sometimes it does make me wonder if I have lost these gimmicks in my photos.

For the meanwhile, I leave you all here with this dose of Paris & rain. I will be back soon with the views in and on the other side of Notre Dame.
Till then Goodbyes and keep checking.

PARIS : An Experience – Part IV

From a previous day, After a good night sleep and good morning wake up – I start it all again.
So far so good, Good morning to you all from the morning in Paris. It’s been raining and wet enough to keep discouraging me to step out in this rain. Chances fairly are, I wont like to step out but knowing its my second and last day of this weekend trip – I don’t really have a choice of sitting in one place and telling myself – I can stay dry and cozy insides.. No ways. Being a brit for a matter of fact : I shall be used to living this wet weather.
All said, here I go to my first train hop to carry me into the Dungeons of Paris via these fast paced monstrous mega-trons trains. RER & Metro of Paris city.

So through the rain and dryness of Metro, I was fairly dry until the rain sparkled the livelihood of the nature around me. It does seem I was going to Luxembourg in Paris which at once rings a bells – “Luxembourg in Paris” it just sounds like “Vienna in London” – I was just keen on getting out and about to see this rainy sparkling day.

So welcome you all to the city, lets pay our due respect to Professeur AL’ECOLE DE PHARMACIE 🙂

& now, I welcome you all to Luxembourg in Paris.  As I head into the Luxembourg, I am met by this architectural confusion which at times reminds me of NYC sign boards and at same time London city architecture standing in front of “Libararie Armand Colin”.

I love viewing the change in architecture of the cities. In Europe you will notice most cities have common themes with classic architectures especially with the way there outside stone walls, the window domes and balconies are designed. Somewhere you still feel that those older times before the WW era if preserved would just have been amazing in this world. Not, that I expect the common tourists to take a note of. I just enjoy noticing how little things really shift from city to city and what makes these cities a pull apart character from others.

Seamless lines of straight architecture and arc sounds really good to impress the ones who may have an interest in noticing these structures. Now, I welcome you to Luxembourg as the name says so. The lovely gardens of Luxembourg in Paris but please forgive me for the not offering you a stunning shining day instead a rainy view of what I got offered along with that – I am getting wet.

Keep following, I will see how wet this rain is going to be 🙂

I got no words except I am ready to be soaked now 🙂 in Luxembourg :))

Not much left out to say but simply, enjoy the wet Autumn 🙂

Meet my new friend, they love camera attention a lot. So make sure you take your camera and ask them to come and pose for you, they surely will enlighten you with some nice poses.

& then are more active friends who prefer to give us their views of the world. I wonder is that an act to stay warm or is it just a pose for the camera.. I suppose not 🙂

Going back to humans, we do love to shoot ourselves but I prefer I to shoot people 🙂 too.

Well, thanks to rain that I am pretty much left without much to capture and much to enjoy this architecture or the natural beauty. Autumn seems more like a winter this year.

I suppose I just shared a live example of posing and here we have another example – pretty interesting : they both look so similar from the standing stance of human eyes. If only She had a mobile phone in her hand – I think it as a exemplary view of our imagination.

Ever imagined what this world would have been without mobile phones – At least when I know how it was before the mobile phones stripped our lives from our real life. There was always a reason to go out and step out and now it is always a reason for not going out but to doing everything sitting in at one place. Seriously, some of these statues makes me wonder what would this world be without mobile phones again. If I was given a day – I would say – “One day without mobile phones” shall show you if you can survive or not. I know I certainly can and will at all chances 🙂

I do not expect us to have same thoughts but I wonder again this world has overly killed the value of human emotions as I step away from technology to look again at the human perspective of life. A lot of it did help but now a lot has been stolen from us in the value of how we become and see ourselves.
We humans have become the dancers of the modern life – our master is our little gadget in our hands and in our minds.

I would hop out of this Luxembourg for now since it really has a beautiful architecture, statues and nature but I am cold and need a place to dry up my camera and my head. It is not generally what you would do on a rainy beautiful day.

I will be back, continuing this journey in next part. For now I thank you all for following me, coming along and listening to some of my rants :))
Next stop – more rain, no rants and Notre Dame – before I get to take a shelter in my dry shelter under the Paris, Automobile show.

Continue the experience of rainy Paris

Nightlife in London

Sometimes its just a blur of all that you can see …

I am CityLife

Frankfurt.Am.Main – City of the World

Let me share little facts that I have explored in all these years while seeing the world either in short trips or in the long journeys while motorcycling across the most rugged and the most smoothest terrains on this planet.

Firstly, Most big cities are a pile of concrete brought together to create the revenues, boost the economies, bring the jobs and above all – show it off. Whether they are the marvels of the architecture, the gardens of the world or the piles of unmanaged garbage dumps.

Secondly, I have lived in the biggest cities of the world which in terms of population, traffic, and fast pace lifestyles beat every other place. Point, is I have been and I am always in the constant move for being wherever I can be to experience something new and different.

To give the base before I start – I wanted you to know who I am. I was born in New Delhi, explored 100,000kms in India on my two wheels seeing the most remote places. I moved to London, UK to see the fast life and the people who work, look, dress like machines only place that give u monies so you can pay your bill and may be save as well.I explored Europe on my two wheels again and marked 100,000miles on this planet.

In the past few days since I am in Frankfurt am Main, I have explored something which completely changed my views regarding the city. Can a city be like this – Can a place where it is moving so fast and still has those ingredients of life that can make u feel like home still exist. Oh Yes, yes Yes… I always enjoyed Germany but this One trip has remarkably put Frankfurt on the top destination for all those who want to be in a city and not feel lost.

Three years in London, I never ran into a single Indian who spoke in his mother tongue – showed a little respect of humankind. How would you feel !”!

Today, it was my 5th consecutive day, when I have spoken to people without knowing and without fear – the boundaries does not count. Even the people of the city, whether Germans, Americans, Turkish, Iranians or rather Indians .. Does it really matter – the worth of human mankind has not lost its touch. I have enjoyed my journey of Frankfurt like no other places, especially the only city that has attracted me more than my expectation. I don’t speak german – I can only speak.. the broken bits which may make you laugh at me but then, that is me !! People still help me and I still enjoy it which has never been same anywhere else.

At first being lonely in a big city and not knowing a lot can be bit time-consuming to getting used to the life of the city. I have become a Londoner as the pace at which I walk, I feel like in a race while walking in Frankfurt, I can compare and share all those differences which the people of other cities can see it in broad daylight and even in the darkness of the corners.

You can expect a smile back when you pass one – you can expect a reply in a way that someone will stop and explain you about where you want to go. Something I never realised in London – Something people never really appreciate in those big cities. But Hey, Frankfurt is not small either – its fifth largest city in Germany and in top ten cities of the most livable cities. It is super über expensive to live in Frankfurt but then in return it does give you which no other city promises. A fresh green surroundings – A place which is organised as heaven – A city skyline which never gave up on the green belongings in the city – A city that has well-connected network for everything and all the corners feel like so close(ok, this may not be an exception). You can expect to take pictures of the people without making them feel offensive(that’s just my cameraman in me – trying to speak from within).

Chinese Garden in Frankfurt am Vidya.

come-on – today night I walked about 5 kms and it feels like I have enjoyed walking like never before in a big city. Although I got bitten by something on my back while being in the city park but that’s natural, can’t deny nature ;). From the corners of the city till the main New part – you will feel integrated to this place in every possible way. Enjoying this place – you need to take out the pleasure from walks. See the locals, see the shops, see the variety of food, enjoy running into the Bahns, Love talking to strangers, I met two super amazing singers, believe me or not – they had no indian connection but they surprised me with their talents. One was Iranian and other Moroccan, they knew more Bollywood songs then I could re-collect. I never knew that this place is so closely integrated to world. I have seen more Indians here in this city who enjoy talking to their own people than anywhere else in the world. Why !!! This place has a magnet which does not kill the real person in you. My head has been in complete vertigo since I have been here as this place has changed my whole opinion about big cities. There are still cities which have their integrals in place.


La la laa… It feels super nice to experience 30C + in the night .. Amazing :

Frankfurt am Main

My journey back home.. in S8 – and after all that dizziness from this place – I m going to say goodnight till I bring another story with me.

S8 to way back home