Free Hugs

For one thing in the world that really makes me happy is the hugs. They are like fountain of my life in all the situations, when I am low, high, happy, sad or neutral.. hugs give me a chance to just feel that warmth of sharing. Something that many don’t know, never understand and possibly are not keen on. I never say never for there will be a chance that you may get a hug for real from me. This little clip of a Free Hug makes me wonder – One day with thousands of those collected around – does really no one has time, emotions or feeling for a Free Hug. I was initially quite surprised with it but hey ho, this is how we make this world. You won’t open your arms to hugs and you won’t even open yourself to the open life of this world too. I had to capture this – it made me feel sad at first but happy for I have to share this.

Happiness comes to happy people. You may spend all your life chasing happiness but if you are not happy and ready to feel this life – you may never know the worth of some things in life which makes us all human.
Be kind !!

Sending you my hugs and to all those across the globe.
Share your hugs.


London Calling

London – the magnet has pulled me back. I am happy, glad and super pleased to join back in the city for work. The fast pace life which sure is a challenge but I believe if not now, then when !!

At this peak, ripe age – I must not allow myself to melt into the shackles of smooth relaxed life yet make myself well available for the pace and real challenges that I can do and push myself into the mint factory. Sometimes we don’t get the chances again and again – when we get them – we shall not miss them !! Is that what one of my friends told me couple of days back. We learn from mistakes but better not do all ourselves and still avoid doing the things which we can.

A new start
Listening to the one, who has helped me and to the one who has offered me – I m back in the city – the city that makes and breaks. Once broken – now its time to make up for all that which has been broken earlier. Time to regain what has been lost once – returns may justify but the City in itself is a magnet. Brings everyone from far and away just so that it can count itself as a City.

London Calling …..