PARIS : An Experience – Part IV

From a previous day, After a good night sleep and good morning wake up – I start it all again.
So far so good, Good morning to you all from the morning in Paris. It’s been raining and wet enough to keep discouraging me to step out in this rain. Chances fairly are, I wont like to step out but knowing its my second and last day of this weekend trip – I don’t really have a choice of sitting in one place and telling myself – I can stay dry and cozy insides.. No ways. Being a brit for a matter of fact : I shall be used to living this wet weather.
All said, here I go to my first train hop to carry me into the Dungeons of Paris via these fast paced monstrous mega-trons trains. RER & Metro of Paris city.

So through the rain and dryness of Metro, I was fairly dry until the rain sparkled the livelihood of the nature around me. It does seem I was going to Luxembourg in Paris which at once rings a bells – “Luxembourg in Paris” it just sounds like “Vienna in London” – I was just keen on getting out and about to see this rainy sparkling day.

So welcome you all to the city, lets pay our due respect to Professeur AL’ECOLE DE PHARMACIE 🙂

& now, I welcome you all to Luxembourg in Paris.  As I head into the Luxembourg, I am met by this architectural confusion which at times reminds me of NYC sign boards and at same time London city architecture standing in front of “Libararie Armand Colin”.

I love viewing the change in architecture of the cities. In Europe you will notice most cities have common themes with classic architectures especially with the way there outside stone walls, the window domes and balconies are designed. Somewhere you still feel that those older times before the WW era if preserved would just have been amazing in this world. Not, that I expect the common tourists to take a note of. I just enjoy noticing how little things really shift from city to city and what makes these cities a pull apart character from others.

Seamless lines of straight architecture and arc sounds really good to impress the ones who may have an interest in noticing these structures. Now, I welcome you to Luxembourg as the name says so. The lovely gardens of Luxembourg in Paris but please forgive me for the not offering you a stunning shining day instead a rainy view of what I got offered along with that – I am getting wet.

Keep following, I will see how wet this rain is going to be 🙂

I got no words except I am ready to be soaked now 🙂 in Luxembourg :))

Not much left out to say but simply, enjoy the wet Autumn 🙂

Meet my new friend, they love camera attention a lot. So make sure you take your camera and ask them to come and pose for you, they surely will enlighten you with some nice poses.

& then are more active friends who prefer to give us their views of the world. I wonder is that an act to stay warm or is it just a pose for the camera.. I suppose not 🙂

Going back to humans, we do love to shoot ourselves but I prefer I to shoot people 🙂 too.

Well, thanks to rain that I am pretty much left without much to capture and much to enjoy this architecture or the natural beauty. Autumn seems more like a winter this year.

I suppose I just shared a live example of posing and here we have another example – pretty interesting : they both look so similar from the standing stance of human eyes. If only She had a mobile phone in her hand – I think it as a exemplary view of our imagination.

Ever imagined what this world would have been without mobile phones – At least when I know how it was before the mobile phones stripped our lives from our real life. There was always a reason to go out and step out and now it is always a reason for not going out but to doing everything sitting in at one place. Seriously, some of these statues makes me wonder what would this world be without mobile phones again. If I was given a day – I would say – “One day without mobile phones” shall show you if you can survive or not. I know I certainly can and will at all chances 🙂

I do not expect us to have same thoughts but I wonder again this world has overly killed the value of human emotions as I step away from technology to look again at the human perspective of life. A lot of it did help but now a lot has been stolen from us in the value of how we become and see ourselves.
We humans have become the dancers of the modern life – our master is our little gadget in our hands and in our minds.

I would hop out of this Luxembourg for now since it really has a beautiful architecture, statues and nature but I am cold and need a place to dry up my camera and my head. It is not generally what you would do on a rainy beautiful day.

I will be back, continuing this journey in next part. For now I thank you all for following me, coming along and listening to some of my rants :))
Next stop – more rain, no rants and Notre Dame – before I get to take a shelter in my dry shelter under the Paris, Automobile show.

Continue the experience of rainy Paris

Collecting the “Fall” Preview

It definitely was too early to step out hoping to see some colorful red, magenta and yellow leaves in the forest. Generally around this time it starts to shape up and that is what it was. Not much to the joy but the greens are still in abundance, quite full and very lively.

During my little walk I managed to thank two persons who for a change were doing something on their own accord without a feeling for money attached behind it. An old couple who were walking their dog and collecting all the rubbish they could see and they have been doing it for quite sometime. I can certainly agree that the path I was on on was not same couple of years ago. A lot of rubbish from cans, cigarette, drugs, food wrappers, glass etc has been collected by them. I felt honored to say thank you and feel that we need to save our planet too. I would be doing the same from next time as this is a high time that we start preserving our planet. We feel we are the intelligent of the species but more than that we ruin more save less.

I love this nature and love to keep it the way it should be kept. On the second part, I came across another gentleman on his own walking with couple of plastic bin bags and a stick to collect the leftovers. I felt this is the first time that I have seen someone doing something for nature and I was overjoyed in real aspect of what we do and how we can change. It all starts from somewhere so here we go, I am in and committed to do the rest of the nature walks with few bin bags collecting some rubbish 🙂 . Leaves me with a smile to say, YES – I do love this planet, the nature and what nature gives us. Something to cherish about – back in nature.

A little collection of pictures for all you out there and if you got a way to help your nature, do it without a reason. Nature gives us more than one reason without asking us to pay back.

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For a full collection click here


A little voice in nature says hello to all of you out there. It is sometimes needed to know what nature really sounds like. Away from the virtual world.. Hello to the nature around us.


Have a splendid week ahead.

Life in Cambridge

Continuing from my previous post.
It was time to return back to the afternoon where we decided to head back again into the town and enjoy the views of candid life. Sometimes it is hard to justify all the pictures we take.

On the side note
: I know you do not like to see the watermark versions but I cannot help it because people do not feel like asking before stealing so I have to stick to the way I feel like is best to share. 

What better way to head back into the town and stand in front of the HARDY’s to give it a thought of another go or no go. How can we resist not to visit it again. But this time the view is from outside. 

But then we needed to carry on further onto the right this time. Taking us towards the King’s Parade. The path in itself attracts you to few little alleys and small entrances into the big universities. Ofcourse you got to pay a price for visiting each university ranging between £4 to £6 per adult. Children ticket goes bit cheaper. Anyways we were not going to go through all the universities this time but rather walk down the street gather some souvenirs and follow some old folks paths. 

Since my respected Sir was with me, I had all the reason to listen to him and his sharing of the knowledge that embarks a direction towards new learning each time. We ended up in the bookshop where I was introduced to Peter Ackroyd’s stunning collection of the books about England. Ah it was just beginning.  More will follow soon (You need to follow these blogs)
There is always a time to learn something and we humans are never too old for the knowledge. Just as we talked about knowledge, I had to take a picture of this book above to remember it so I know what I will be reading next once I can finish my existing Psychology reading from Sigmund Freud on the Dreams.

Back out in the external world, it is time to capture some different perspectives now.  Back lanes, those old lamps and bicycles along the streets. How can we not capture them – it is the real essence of the Cambridge life.

A little map of its own from the ever changing world casted in alloy to share with those who still seek to see this place in the history of how it has evolved. There is something about all these places – London, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol and list is endless – the history is so vital to all these places. Something that makes us visit this place more than once and still kind of leave an impression – we missed something. This was my sixth time and each time I can see something new that is interesting for the eyes and for the camera.

A little different perspective to the summer tones which are becoming Autumnal by the end of this week. Last few shadows encasted by the line of spectators enjoying the vivid sunlight of Cambridgeshire.

Philosphy of Cambridge is simple, peaceful and all about concentration. Even in the middle of crowd you know you will find what you are looking for. Moment of silence to still read that book which you have brought along with you. This is immensely attractive place for students and I love to mention it again as I find it so relaxing. A feeling that makes me take the student life all again.

For all other reasons there is plenty of entertainment from the singers on the streets to the tired students who are exhausted with their day jobs seeking to rest a bit regardless even without a seat to sit on. The day and life in Cambridge is rich in colours since students from all over the world count it as the ultimate “Mecca” of all the universities.

One of the places where we all love to go in all such places is souvenir shops. The best place for souvenirs in one place is to visit Tourist Information Centre just behind the Cambridge Market square. You can find all the kind of local souvenirs in one centralised shop. I would say some of the things are unique to other street shops that make it worth a visit.

Ah not to forget the man above Rose Cresent. So sweet that he is best to be seen in proper light as at the first glance you may not notice him to be real 🙂 Just a little tip for the first time visitors of the Rose Cresent man in the balcony.

Life in colour is all we look at and all we want to look at. But for a change there was a reason to share this with special colour impact.


& then comes the Tree of life. I love to visit this corner of the Trinity Palace.

Time out away from the universities. It was time to head to Cambs river before the sunsets in. The last few rays of sun embrace the Punting to bring out the best capture for photographing too. Sometimes you do get to see some cool candids along the the river path. Like this one that instantly catches the eye.

Oh, did I not tell you – all the young girls can get the man they fancy with muscles punting along the river while they sit and capture every single muscle they want to capture. Ofcourse the price, that depends on the punter and the girl in the boat who can settle for best deal 🙂 – Upto you lucky ladies.

Walking on the board walk along the river towards the foot bridge it became more and more cool. The last rays of sun going down and the shadows coming into the play – it is soon going to be dark. And we must head back into our hotel since my dear Sir had his knee pain straining – I wanted to ensure we reach back to the hotel room before it turns to get cold.

On the other side of the river was these restless and youthful people who would not want to relax but to enjoy every last bit of this sunshine.

Back into the 150years hotel that has seen it all that has passed in this century. The symbolic hotel from the past that takes us back in time once you step inside. Interesting to know as I did not know that the history is huge in this place and it grows on you as you walk through this place.

This was about time that I should say thanks to Mr Romesh Bhattacharji who gave me this special oppurtunity to share the knowledge from his endless treasure of vast information. This picture below has so much meaning to me that I will possibly look back in time again & again to appreciate it. I would one day want to follow his book and ride the passes along the routes he mentioned. I loved this day to the bits with thanks once again to the teacher, friend, and the Guru .

To get the book from Author is specially signed words is more than I can appreciate for times to come.

& for rest all of you followers, viewers the last shades of nature colors shall fill up your day.

Watch out this space for the next adventure as it becomes bigger to life. Peter Ackroyd, Jean Keay – The Great Arc, NJ9842 and endless stories.