Dell Ultrasmart U2410

All for the eyes,  I had to take this step to get myself a fresh view and vision for working prolonged hours on the pictures. After all the long wait and looking after what would really fit all my needs and my monies I had to settle with a Dell Ultrasmart 2410. From the suggestions of my near and dear Puneet & Adam I had to call it a deal to settle for this now.

24″ Monitor that comes pre-calibrated with company certificate, means no hassle for getting it calibrated. Waiting anxiously for it to arrive as I booked it to be delivered on Saturday I got it quite on time by 0900hrs pretty sharp delivery by the courier company. I ordered the monitor from and they have been helpful in providing the information needed for pre-sales questions.

Heres a quick glance on the unboxing of the much awaited bigger screen.

Eyes – Precious gift

Ever felt how our eyes must feel like providing us the vision to embrace this world in all of its beautiful colours around us. It is very simple that we do not acknowledge the fact that our bodies are like little temple which needs to be given that attention so we can keep enjoying the gifts we have. One such thing I want to talk about is the eyes.

On average each one of us spend hours sitting in front of digital screen that makes our eyes stressed out without us being aware that we even forget to blink our eyes. Facts state that we have changed our biological clock so much that it is impossible to be back in time where we can retain our original state of physical wellbeing.
After these prolonged hours and red nerves popping out in the eyes – I have made myself clear that this Laptop and small digital screens are no way to live your life but if that is how you make your bread and butter you need to think about something. Our eyes need more relaxed environment to work on. I decided to give myself that much needed respite from small Laptop screen and go for something big.  A 24” Dell Ultra smart 2410 monitor to pleasure myself for those prolonged working hours.
I do not know how much better I will feel but I definitely will keep an update on how much it helps in terms of relaxing the eyes.