“You are”

You are, The Essence of this life. Do not waste yourself in understanding, explaining and regretting what you are not. You are the soul that has a meaning – learn what your potential is. Observe from your living life to improve and go beyond your sanctity of customs and comforts.

This life is a gift, you waste it thinking too much and doing too little. Think less and do more be it anything, even to put a bowl of water for birds or to carry yourself across the mountain – nothing is too little and nothing is too much as long as you have a determination in you. Don’t fade away by letting yourself drown in the comfort of your couch or your screens.



What lives on you that you grow by each day and life seems to be in control even when nothing around you is in control.
There is not one reason but many that I fail to even count.
For every time I try to count and so is this game that it keeps multiplying.
Game of life is not in saying ” I can’t “.
Even if I try I give it one more shot and it goes on like my each breath.
Destinations in life are endless but limited to how far we want to see.
Seeing is believing but dreaming is sleeping with eyes closed.
To  miss that with eyes closed is to miss on what you may have achieved.
Achieve that you may wish and you may see that there is that next thought already waiting.
Waiting that just makes you feel life is boring is not what you may want.
What you want is an endless lust of your brain that never stops to feed you.
Feeding on what makes you want more is what I call – MULTITUDE of life.

Sweet emotions as I call it, life goes on.
Here to mark one of my favorites.  Enjoy the Multitude”Coloured” version of my life.
I may be too naive at times but I know this is the way life is.
Share, smile, hug and kiss – these things don’t cost a penny.

Join me if you like – learning is for free, business is for money and love is for happiness.
I welcome you to my Page, Like it if it pleases you and if not feel free to come drop by again.
Money is not what I ask, that money you may save will never go with Mani.
What might go with him is the happiness you shared.

I mark this day to say – 33333 – I love her even more to say she can take me on for endless lust of more.
Soon in human life, she will be 3 and I will be 30.
Each passing day we do grow old or say older for there is always a reason to look back.

New York Dream

Sometimes it all tells you the direction or the future of things to come – Yes, Its same old phenomenon of dreams. After reading my first 100 pages of Dream Psychology from Sigmund Freud the depth associated with dreams and their meaning always attracted me to get to the depth of this very feeling. Very hard to keep to yourself but all this time when we grow up we are intrigued from our emotions and feelings where does it all begins and take us to.

One of the things Freud mentions in his book is the dreams are those thoughts which we never have time to focus on while we are fully awake and our partial thoughts are overwritten by the reality of our presence. The only time our partial thoughts take place is our dream when our brain is not functioning to our control but to the part that we never focus on during the day or lost that part of thought in busy rumblings of the day.

Just to add all the above – the gist of this post is to mark the memory of this dream. Getting off the aeroplane at the NY airport and then boarding to the hotel at some high perched big glass window hotel. Setting off on a ferry along the shore line over looking the huge skyscrapers. I will just save this here if this is the shape of things to come in future.

I have anyways come halfway between NYC and my home in London. May be that is the next destination 🙂
Looking forward to unseen life.

Dream Diary- 16th Jul 2012