What lives on you that you grow by each day and life seems to be in control even when nothing around you is in control.
There is not one reason but many that I fail to even count.
For every time I try to count and so is this game that it keeps multiplying.
Game of life is not in saying ” I can’t “.
Even if I try I give it one more shot and it goes on like my each breath.
Destinations in life are endless but limited to how far we want to see.
Seeing is believing but dreaming is sleeping with eyes closed.
To  miss that with eyes closed is to miss on what you may have achieved.
Achieve that you may wish and you may see that there is that next thought already waiting.
Waiting that just makes you feel life is boring is not what you may want.
What you want is an endless lust of your brain that never stops to feed you.
Feeding on what makes you want more is what I call – MULTITUDE of life.

Sweet emotions as I call it, life goes on.
Here to mark one of my favorites.  Enjoy the Multitude”Coloured” version of my life.
I may be too naive at times but I know this is the way life is.
Share, smile, hug and kiss – these things don’t cost a penny.

Join me if you like – learning is for free, business is for money and love is for happiness.
I welcome you to my Page, Like it if it pleases you and if not feel free to come drop by again.
Money is not what I ask, that money you may save will never go with Mani.
What might go with him is the happiness you shared.

I mark this day to say – 33333 – I love her even more to say she can take me on for endless lust of more.
Soon in human life, she will be 3 and I will be 30.
Each passing day we do grow old or say older for there is always a reason to look back.


Truth eventually is right and bright in front of our own eyes. We can be rich to gift ourselves with the best things in gadgets, gizmos and geeky things of modern life but in the process of this we have lost a part of ourselves known to human mankind called “Happiness”. I don’t moan about it all the time but I actually see it in front of my own eyes, my own senses and in the world outside from the moment I step out till I am back inside my own four walls.

Today, a british daily newspaper ran the article about the same. I can definitely agree to it since I have experienced those things myself. I was born to those situations, where a child has responsibility for his doings may be not if you are really well off. Not really, if you are from the family where the value of things is more fed by the parental fundings(over the necessary limits). The point not to be missed here is – is the money more important or your time in terms of happiness with your own children takes the higher precedence.

Here, is the article from today’s newspaper that I couldn’t stop yapping about. Take a minute or two to read on and tell me if this is true. I dont see children playing in this world for obvious reasons, for the truth is – the society where the structure doesnt permits to be free yet fundamentally the most free countries in the world lack that security.

The truth is quite implicable not to the children but to the ones who enjoy the freedom and feelings to enjoy that life. Even the F1 hosted in India, Lewis Hamilton quoted “He felt like a King” which is what that country has it in its roots. The place where the mankind has not lost it all yet in the verge of uprooting its culture for modern ethnicity of Apple(not fruit) iPads, iPods, iPhones and techno gadgets.