How was it – the first time

For a moment it rocks me because it just made me feel the first time … the time I felt I was in love for once ..  the first time under the moon lying together and counting stars – even the thought of holding hands was a big challenge but under the soothing moonlight night it all fell in place for once it was this night today years ago.

Sometimes we just feel emotions but sometimes it is all about who when where one stands in life.

Cutting the emotional bullshit down to the topic…  how many of you have seen the french L’ArnaCoeur (which translates to “The Heartbreaker”)
This is one movie I highly suggest for a laughter even without understanding one single word of French ! it was absolutely worth investing that 150minutes of my life in enjoying this light hearted, even simply hilarious with English subtitles.

Here are some of my favorite subtitles 😀  .. lol

Get a grip on… enjoy the trailer although it doesn’t make me laugh as hard but still..

Must watch 🙂 ha ha haaa…