Exercise | Religion | Yoga = PURE SHAME

Can we humans ever believe in existence of peace and living peacefully ever!? The endless question of faith, religion and human beliefs shred people to fight within themselves. All this is about is – (Does doing YOGA makes you a HINDU ? ) – An article by BBC which makes me feel shredded in the way people, their thoughts and media makes all this look so irrelevant of whom you should be.

Yesterday, I saw a picture on FB about a comparison between Islam and Christianity where one religion forbids the intake of bacon and other one forbids the multiple wives. But both in common have a point to not let the woman take the command (Man is the Master). How ridiculous are the examples, we live in modern life – believe in science – study and use technology to stay connected. Still the common sense of brain and how you make your decisions in life are commanded by religion – as if your whole life depends on it. For some I do understand they never outgrow to see out of their own existence – the point I raise is – what if you ever started asking yourself for what you believed all your life with reasoning. This is all about how you see life. Your religion gives you a faith of string to hold on to when your world breaks but it will not help you to establish how to be yourself – who to trust – how to know what you see outside your world is right or wrong because you see in the walls of your knowledge written in your faith.

When I was 13, a wise man once told me – Don’t grow on your age but grow on your experiences. I did as I was told – Believed to see this world not as it was shown by the masses but rather I believed in exploring it myself to understand – I travelled. This did not mean disrespect or arrogance but all it meant was to be open to make your choices what the world offers you. People fight all over the world in name of religion – the biggest ever weapon we humans developed and killed more humans than the deadliest bacteria known. That was the day I ceased to belong to any religion but decided to know them all for knowing but not being a part of one.

Today, for once when I thought someone uses Yoga for exercise some nerd of religion somewhere raised a question that this was more about Hinduism! Oh yeah, it is but if you are so hell bent on religion don’t go beyond your knowledge of understanding what is what. As I said, religion is the weapon people will use – all their lives to fight – create doubt and remove the parity of understanding. I sound like a well grown out of religion but that is what it does when you ask yourself – can you live without one – Answer is you will. Use your common sense of prevalence as to what is right and wrong. Your religion tells you to eat one form of meat over other but the question I ask is – Can we not exist without meat? Killing a living being is still a killing? Your common faith and common sense will tell you a lot more if you ever asked a genuine question to yourself – Science has the answers.

Now that all said, – I know but the question stands – can we ever not take something for essence of its right and wrong than digging where it all came from. Another great example of how religion now shreds the healthy exercise some just did for sake of being fit than being followed to be a part of another religion. Yes, Yoga comes from Hinduism but if you do it – it will not certify put a stamp on you to be Hindu – you can still follow your religion but what now it does is put a lock on your head once again.

LGBT – LONDON Pride Parade – 2013 – P1

To all those curious vivid and imaginative people in the world – I bring to you the amazing and colorful collective collections from the London Pride Parade of 2013.
It is so true that each picture is worth a thousand words and why not – at the end of the day, it is just these pictures that remain in our head – sometimes its still and sometimes its motion pictures.

To those curious ones, LGBT stands for Lesbians Gays BiSexuals and Transexuals. To celebrate this in London – here we go …

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Beginning with a teaser, more on the way & the videos underway in editting.
Keep watching for this space & I thank you to all you viewers across the globe.

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Physical Attraction

Talking to her on the Facebook chat, it all went into the mode of unexpected sensuality where everything made double sense with unsure meaning. To take it is pleasure and to take it is also sin but it was not me who kicked it off. The long years that kept us away since I moved from one of my jobs she has never taken a chance to take it this forward as it all seems to be unfolding in a very sudden expressive, submissive way of domination to say I miss you.

Ah, sweet that sounds when suddenly you know someone have an infatuation on you but never showed up. The words sound simple but deeper filled with emotions to eat out all that burning desire. I have known her for few years but not more than a face, a name and how she looks. She has been on my list for years not knowing that there was ever more meaning or could have been more to be being there for us. It all took the heat when a topic touched a word ‘sensuality’ – that was it. There was no coming back from this point and the feeling poured out just like a smooth flow of overfilled glass of beer. It had its own flow, own aura and a simple but unknown direction. Heat was just so intense that everything in that moment was hot like a volcano ready to erupt any moment bubbling its hot heat inside making it all intense.

To put the exact would just not be appropriate but just to share the emotions of the vibrant heat can simply satisfy the needs for everyone. We both were in the same boat of heated box raising the tempo of each other without even knowing that where it got kicked off. For the first time after 3years it kicked on so high that how such a simple conversation and telling about you like someone changed the dynamics of the desires. She is not an ordinary woman which would go with the flow but that would take more than simplest of attraction to pull her this far away. How could I have ever noticed that she was attracted unless she ever spoke about it last night. The pull for me was simple that I know her and she is one hot babe. Her little invitation was not little anymore after this was shaped up like a volcano ready to burst and her evocations simply made it all fall in place like sweetest things I would expect. To say I don’t fancy would be a pure lie but to accept the fact that attraction for men is easily seen in a man than in the case of woman. Our likes for knowing our adult taste was instantly lingering around the edge of every sentence we shared. The temptation has rung the bell for something which may just suddenly come across and leave us dreading for more.

All said, I need to keep this limited till I know I can share it all it would be sometime before all the emotions bursts into the bubbles. Creativity and sensuality has its own edge that triggers the hormones of us humans to take us to the perpetuity of physical desires.