Small Joys

Winters brings me closer to life – Renewal of a new lease – Time of the year when the freshness comes in a harsh way.
A lot gets washed away in the hope – the new shall come along without any expectations.

Good News or Bad !!

Could the guys actually handle this. So far till now it has been the game on the other side of the gender and now here it becomes challenging.  Good News – Yeah, definitely for the ladies but how many males could accept this in their heads. Though I feel happy that this could be really good for many and could be a disastrous beginning for many others who want to look for more in life without leaving their own boats.

Here is a good read for all those who have wanted to look beyond but never dared to because of the fear factor they carry for losing the one. But hey, why does it have to be with just the guys that they are considered sexually asking for more with other woman now here comes the “GOOD NEWS”

Click on the following article to read in-depth.

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Answer is “WHY NOT” – why do we want to keep the best to ourself – The challenge begins !!

Key to happiness

Sometimes we miss that little bits around us. Something that surrounds us. Something that sparks us and makes us believe in ourselves. Do you know what we miss in all these years we grow older(ok, wrong word) mature instead. Simple things in life are often free but we don’t appreciate what we get(true human nature).

Crap innit, the traditional brit resonating sound to lot of things around us. Ha ha ha pun intended but that is how people say when they read the first line. There are answers to all our questions right around us. The key to everything that we do lies in spontaneity. We change ourselves to the surrounding world around us where we lose that touch of our very real self. Today was such an incident that I met this mexican friend(per se MO) she reminded me of myself so much. It is not too bad to see a reflection of yourself in someone who makes you connect back to yourself.

At first life is ever-changing, multi dimension space surrounded by all existing kinds of virtues including our own behaviours. We lose the space of our own very dynamic identity quite easily in the process of growing up. No, it’s not wrong but true to very many of the people I have seen and met. At the same time there are kind of people who exists around us that keep the ball rolling for the good sake.

Call them “Crazy People” they are the ones this world need the most and the most hard to find. It’s that moment in life that I met the third crazy nerd, my conjecture happens to be all around americans somehow. One that I met in India about 5years back, one that was about 6 months back in London and one today few hours back. One common thing to all these people was they had no element of being speculative, being calculative and being unrealistic.

“Craziness is the key to happiness” – hence proved. This is not just the matter of fact but this is the truth that happiness does not come in the form of money, material and metal. It comes in the form of being spontaneous, crazy and loving. I don’t want to be pedantic here for the sake of the people who are reading this but you all need to see it with your own eyes. This context is rather based on what I have experienced around me but I m sure there are people around us who can bring the happiness in the form of simple unexpected form. Sometimes all there is to happiness – is spontaneity of craziness.

I thank all these special people around me today for keeping me alive and reminding me of myself with the time. The process of growing up doesn’t have to be so hard that we lose the touch of our own self, happiness and little things that makes us happy. Dont forget that good goes a long way and everything else just comes back.

Love you all those who light up the lives of people around them, around the world & in our souls.

Flying North

01.01.12, And the travel kicked off the start to my new year. Quite a different start to the new year from the previous ones where I have mostly been home but the travel this year on the very first day was first one to kick off with.

eaving Austria and heading back to England the journey was quite smooth with flying well over the clouded playground underneath our plane all from the time we left till the time we landed.

It is that time of the year when we all are searching for resolutions and planning what the year shall bring. I have not done any of that yet but I do wish for few things that can be nice if they come along not that I desperately would want. Generally speaking, I would want to blog more than the previous year and have more of friends, fans and follwings across the different countries. Travel has always enticed me but seemingly its been slowed down so little more of new destinations will be good to start with. I would wish to see the Aurora or the so called blue lights of northern hemisphere.  See the Ireland surrounding its natural beauty. Shoot the pretty women of the world in their own beautiful countries not neglecting the fact that we all love to see the beauty and appreciate it.

Growing older is a part of life and adding one more up number into the age, and subtracting one from the total I wish to be more wiser and patient. The youth has almost treaded away from me in last 3 years. I have lost many things that I cant have anymore but I am not afraid to gain more things that can bring the best out of me. Life is an ever changing colourful canvas, full of new dimensions.

Forget the fear, the life is unknown. What we fear today, may not be tomorrow and what we wish for tomorrow may never be there. So lets live the best way forward, live your dreams that no one else shall paint. The life is best when it comes in its own little packages. I wish all of those who are the firm believers of self that “Life shall be lived like the way you want” so lets go live it large with most colourful paints that can bring the happiness into it.

May the peace, hapiness and health surrounds us all.