Key to happiness

Sometimes we miss that little bits around us. Something that surrounds us. Something that sparks us and makes us believe in ourselves. Do you know what we miss in all these years we grow older(ok, wrong word) mature instead. Simple things in life are often free but we don’t appreciate what we get(true human nature).

Crap innit, the traditional brit resonating sound to lot of things around us. Ha ha ha pun intended but that is how people say when they read the first line. There are answers to all our questions right around us. The key to everything that we do lies in spontaneity. We change ourselves to the surrounding world around us where we lose that touch of our very real self. Today was such an incident that I met this mexican friend(per se MO) she reminded me of myself so much. It is not too bad to see a reflection of yourself in someone who makes you connect back to yourself.

At first life is ever-changing, multi dimension space surrounded by all existing kinds of virtues including our own behaviours. We lose the space of our own very dynamic identity quite easily in the process of growing up. No, it’s not wrong but true to very many of the people I have seen and met. At the same time there are kind of people who exists around us that keep the ball rolling for the good sake.

Call them “Crazy People” they are the ones this world need the most and the most hard to find. It’s that moment in life that I met the third crazy nerd, my conjecture happens to be all around americans somehow. One that I met in India about 5years back, one that was about 6 months back in London and one today few hours back. One common thing to all these people was they had no element of being speculative, being calculative and being unrealistic.

“Craziness is the key to happiness” – hence proved. This is not just the matter of fact but this is the truth that happiness does not come in the form of money, material and metal. It comes in the form of being spontaneous, crazy and loving. I don’t want to be pedantic here for the sake of the people who are reading this but you all need to see it with your own eyes. This context is rather based on what I have experienced around me but I m sure there are people around us who can bring the happiness in the form of simple unexpected form. Sometimes all there is to happiness – is spontaneity of craziness.

I thank all these special people around me today for keeping me alive and reminding me of myself with the time. The process of growing up doesn’t have to be so hard that we lose the touch of our own self, happiness and little things that makes us happy. Dont forget that good goes a long way and everything else just comes back.

Love you all those who light up the lives of people around them, around the world & in our souls.