Filthy habits

Oh yes, I’m bored with the routine of work and life. I need to kick myself to get out of my comfort zone. Well bothered by too much of comfort, I have already started to have a love hate relationship with my new iPad that I have given to myself. It has started eating time of my life but not anymore. I think I am going to get going with my habit of shooting people as the life is so amazing. People around us and especially if you live in a place like London, you are intended to capture some of the most amazing portrait of faces.

For once I am annoyed with the weight and carrying the camera with 70-200mm prime lens it simply become a heavy weight muscle building activity. But for a change I will take on this muscle building activity aimed to achieve something out of it. One shot a day and remaining goes to the bin. A hard way to start but I am on it this time. Taking back to the streets of London from 5-6pm Mon-Fri just the way I like it the best.

I am so not happy with this Apple (Not the real “eating” Apple) annoyance in my life since it has virtually made me stick online for hours and hours in endless fashion. I eat with it, sleep with it, I wake up with it, I sex with it, I am connected with it and I hate it NOW !! Huh, no doubt Americans so love this Apple addiction. Life only as seen with devices and toys that keeps the virtual life on our fingertips.
Was the computer not enough to kill our eyes, back, knees and health overall. Bless the lord of creation who gave man the right to spill the essence of true life in waste format of living.

Watch out for this space and for the space on my Flickr, this time it has got to be it. Streets of London.

Urban Jungle
London Life

London Calling

London – the magnet has pulled me back. I am happy, glad and super pleased to join back in the city for work. The fast pace life which sure is a challenge but I believe if not now, then when !!

At this peak, ripe age – I must not allow myself to melt into the shackles of smooth relaxed life yet make myself well available for the pace and real challenges that I can do and push myself into the mint factory. Sometimes we don’t get the chances again and again – when we get them – we shall not miss them !! Is that what one of my friends told me couple of days back. We learn from mistakes but better not do all ourselves and still avoid doing the things which we can.

A new start
Listening to the one, who has helped me and to the one who has offered me – I m back in the city – the city that makes and breaks. Once broken – now its time to make up for all that which has been broken earlier. Time to regain what has been lost once – returns may justify but the City in itself is a magnet. Brings everyone from far and away just so that it can count itself as a City.

London Calling …..