British Weather

Of the British weather, there is no guarantee that it will be sunny when it says sunny and it will be spring when it has to be spring. Now, that said – we humans get used to these changes quite easily in our own nests and our own habitats. But about those in nature that depends on these changes – yes, I am talking of the birds that fly across from Africa after their long haul flights to breed and realise that its way too cold for them to breed.
May be I am overly cautious here but yes I am making a point here with the way this weather has been so far.

Well that said, here is a little view to the changing weathers of the Britain’s seasons. It just seems that the endless winter and cold is never really gone – It rains and stays gray for 6 days shows sun on one day and then repeats the same process again. [Read the whole article here]

At the same time, we are looking at this beautiful scene from the countryside of England.  You cannot resist saying its beautiful and indeed, it is. Just that the nature is something we humans can never be able to control but yet we unknowingly cause so much damage to it.

If at all I can, I would wish people could show respect to nature and teach our coming generations to give back to nature what we always take back from it.

Sitting here and watching the rain fall – it just never stops 🙂 … May be stops but comes back again faster than it actually stopped. Back to reality – Back to work.

Southwark Christmas Market, London

Yeah, christmas brings cookies, Gluewine, Brutwurst and above all the festival season. It was all about a little catch up with someone different in life. We all know how the life in busy routines work and a change is absolutely refershing. An idea to stop by Christmas Market suggested by Jana worked like charm.
Not to forget that its been more warmer than ever noticed christmas time by me in this island country of United Kingdom. Can you believe it is 13C on 21st December and going to be in double figures again on Christmas day. Feels like Christmas in summers. Well, not going into the part of the global warming but rather taste warming now.

I am well planned to fly tomorrow for my trip into European Alps and enjoy the christmas there too but I couldnt miss this chance. After all it was laced with this attractive offer of taking pictures and meeting pretty girls too.

Walking our way into the Southwark over the waterloo bridge, in the evening light how can we not stop to capture the lights of London and this wonderful warm evening.

London Waterloo Bridge
London Skyline in Night
Doesn’t gets better but the view change from one end to the another. Alter Ego of London always lives on to light up the presence world wide. Heres the London Life Nite shot
London skyline
 It is definitely a challenge to grab the shots in the night with handheld big cams without much of an ease by pushing ISOs so what. It is always a learning curve that does not come to me just like that but by trying testing testing failing trying and failing trying getting there eventually.
London Eye overlooking Thames

Southbank Christmas Market by "Mani Babbar"
Southbank Christmas Market
Southbank Christmas Market
Southbank Christmas Market
Southbank Christmas Market