An emotion,
An emotion lived
An emotion wasted
An emotion that can move the world
An emotion than can ruin many
An emotion well played
An emotion…
…. For the gift of you
An emotion that delludes the senses,
Corrupts the belonging, yet
Love … But love no one but yourself
For the givers, love is an emotion
For the takers, love is a wasteful loveless feeling
But yet Love that world believes to exist in

An emotion
to the loveless
that I wasted my life in giving,
I shall thou not fall, rise
to stay in love with myself
yet no one take me for where I reached
but failed to win.. the loveless

A wasted emotion and.. thou I shall still live
with or without
An emotion


Birthdays are funny, they come, they come, they come but they take, they give, they take and then take again… Isn’t it?
Do you disagree with an old grumpy disgruntled man?
Alright then, the post here today is to say, thanks to a mother essentially.
I give all credits to her, and not to no one else for giving me this chance to visit this another mother called Planet Earth which I wouldn’t have ever thought of, on my own.
To her, foremost and above all – it is not my day but her day for being this power that brought me to this life.
To the love of lord, this is nothing that is mine but everything that is hers and may she rule me as long as she wishes for I am all hers and this day, belongs to her and not to me.
Not many I know see things the way I see and again I tell ya, this is the gift not all get but those who get and give, are the powerful ones, none that most others can appreciate.
To the love of my life, mother she is, just like this mother earth with trees, that I can hug and disappear in the woods for a while and recharge my soul endless times.

Thank you my dear creator for giving me this chance and this one is for you!

With love,
Yours always!

“You are”

You are, The Essence of this life. Do not waste yourself in understanding, explaining and regretting what you are not. You are the soul that has a meaning – learn what your potential is. Observe from your living life to improve and go beyond your sanctity of customs and comforts.

This life is a gift, you waste it thinking too much and doing too little. Think less and do more be it anything, even to put a bowl of water for birds or to carry yourself across the mountain – nothing is too little and nothing is too much as long as you have a determination in you. Don’t fade away by letting yourself drown in the comfort of your couch or your screens.



There is a deeper meaning to life, the nature says and explains it all in its own ways. Better than our brains can guide us or tell us.


Click here to see it in the Large.

Feeling I love – Loving Strangers

The weekend has come and will soon go but one thing that will remain from this weekend is this beautiful emotion – the memory – Loving Strangers. Just to merry this even more found this ever more soul touching, heart drenching and thirst quenching music.

Dedicated to the Stranger