Once in a Blue Moon

As the famous phrase says : “Once in a Blue Moon” – so what is this Blue Moon. Blue Moon is a phenomenon as explained by science –

Full moons occur every 29.5 days on average, when the moon is directly opposite the sun from the perspective of Earth. This causes its whole disk to be fully illuminated as a large, bright circle. Usually, when the moon is full, it passes either above or below Earth’s shadow, but sometimes, when it is perfectly aligned, it travels right through the shadow, causing a lunar eclipse, when its disk is dark.

Blue Moons don’t happen too often, which is why the phrase “once in a Blue Moon,” has sprung up to mean only very rarely. After Tuesday’s event, the next Blue Moon isn’t set to occur until 2015.


Blue Moon

After a long working day

Finally, I finished my work and reached home as usual after an hour and twenty minutes.

Best thing that could have happened to me in the day – A letter that finally reached me after nearly two weeks. Thanks Lucie, I got your letter after long wait and here’s the proof of this too.

I have not read the letter yet but before I could do that – something attracted me this evening. I can’t miss this calm and peace of beautiful moon.

Thank you, both of you L & M for making me smile and feel more human today after 3 days of being human machine.