Whitby – The Jet Town

Welcome to W H I T B Y

The earliest record of a permanent settlement is in 656, when Streonshal, was the place where Oswy, the Christian king of Northumbria, founded the first abbey, under the abbess, Hilda. The Synod of Whitby was held there in 664. In 867, the monastery was destroyed by Viking raiders, and was re-founded in 1078. It was in this period that the town gained its current name, Whitby, (from “white settlement” in Old Norse). In the following centuries Whitby functioned as a fishing settlement until, in the 18th century, it developed as a port and centre for shipbuilding and whaling, trade in locally mined alum and the manufacture of Whitby jet jewellery.

Whitby : Where you back into the history.

Time is …

Sometimes it just becomes a history like moment preserved in past.
One day in life – time does matter and it does mean a lot to me for I wish there was 32hours in a day instead of 24 ! I need more time

I will be back soon – I still have things to share and smiles to send but I am tied down with Time.


What lives on you that you grow by each day and life seems to be in control even when nothing around you is in control.
There is not one reason but many that I fail to even count.
For every time I try to count and so is this game that it keeps multiplying.
Game of life is not in saying ” I can’t “.
Even if I try I give it one more shot and it goes on like my each breath.
Destinations in life are endless but limited to how far we want to see.
Seeing is believing but dreaming is sleeping with eyes closed.
To  miss that with eyes closed is to miss on what you may have achieved.
Achieve that you may wish and you may see that there is that next thought already waiting.
Waiting that just makes you feel life is boring is not what you may want.
What you want is an endless lust of your brain that never stops to feed you.
Feeding on what makes you want more is what I call – MULTITUDE of life.

Sweet emotions as I call it, life goes on.
Here to mark one of my favorites.  Enjoy the Multitude”Coloured” version of my life.
I may be too naive at times but I know this is the way life is.
Share, smile, hug and kiss – these things don’t cost a penny.

Join me if you like – learning is for free, business is for money and love is for happiness.
I welcome you to my Page, Like it if it pleases you and if not feel free to come drop by again.
Money is not what I ask, that money you may save will never go with Mani.
What might go with him is the happiness you shared.

I mark this day to say – 33333 – I love her even more to say she can take me on for endless lust of more.
Soon in human life, she will be 3 and I will be 30.
Each passing day we do grow old or say older for there is always a reason to look back.

Old in new & New in old.

The wheel of life that moves around us takes us through a lot of things that adds to our life each day & each moment. Sometimes we just ignore the little facts of life that make us – Those old memories from which we grew up. Forget the old, the importance of new in the old life likewise – which adds to our emotions and growth of innerself. Such is this phenomenon of “Old in new” & “New in old”.

Within the past two weeks I have experienced it all from a perspective of going through things where I have come across something new in my old life which has been timed with daily freequency of ridiculuos non stop continuacy. Allowing someone new to enter in my life helped me break the shackles of this timed repeated sequences of life. I wanted this change but never knew it would help me this much. I entered a mode of life where I was feeling that very sore burn in my soul – the power of solitude – the anguish of self emotions. It was a time for this change.

I welcomed this change in life with spurring the new seeds of change within the same old pod. I experienced sudden deviation to get going again. Oh yes, in the very new I mixed the old by allowing some of the very old friends welcoming in to remind me of the past. A very less changed in this solitary FreeBird but it all left a very deep meaning.

We shall allow our lives to visited by something/someone/somewhere new experiences being in the new shell & at the sametime welcome ourselves with someone from the past.

Life can grin back at you but you can win it back from that grinning – just remember – “GO CRAZY” – My work manager tells me too – Mani – GO crazy & it gives a new sense of doing what I do.