Frankfurt.Am.Main – City of the World

Let me share little facts that I have explored in all these years while seeing the world either in short trips or in the long journeys while motorcycling across the most rugged and the most smoothest terrains on this planet.

Firstly, Most big cities are a pile of concrete brought together to create the revenues, boost the economies, bring the jobs and above all – show it off. Whether they are the marvels of the architecture, the gardens of the world or the piles of unmanaged garbage dumps.

Secondly, I have lived in the biggest cities of the world which in terms of population, traffic, and fast pace lifestyles beat every other place. Point, is I have been and I am always in the constant move for being wherever I can be to experience something new and different.

To give the base before I start – I wanted you to know who I am. I was born in New Delhi, explored 100,000kms in India on my two wheels seeing the most remote places. I moved to London, UK to see the fast life and the people who work, look, dress like machines only place that give u monies so you can pay your bill and may be save as well.I explored Europe on my two wheels again and marked 100,000miles on this planet.

In the past few days since I am in Frankfurt am Main, I have explored something which completely changed my views regarding the city. Can a city be like this – Can a place where it is moving so fast and still has those ingredients of life that can make u feel like home still exist. Oh Yes, yes Yes… I always enjoyed Germany but this One trip has remarkably put Frankfurt on the top destination for all those who want to be in a city and not feel lost.

Three years in London, I never ran into a single Indian who spoke in his mother tongue – showed a little respect of humankind. How would you feel !”!

Today, it was my 5th consecutive day, when I have spoken to people without knowing and without fear – the boundaries does not count. Even the people of the city, whether Germans, Americans, Turkish, Iranians or rather Indians .. Does it really matter – the worth of human mankind has not lost its touch. I have enjoyed my journey of Frankfurt like no other places, especially the only city that has attracted me more than my expectation. I don’t speak german – I can only speak.. the broken bits which may make you laugh at me but then, that is me !! People still help me and I still enjoy it which has never been same anywhere else.

At first being lonely in a big city and not knowing a lot can be bit time-consuming to getting used to the life of the city. I have become a Londoner as the pace at which I walk, I feel like in a race while walking in Frankfurt, I can compare and share all those differences which the people of other cities can see it in broad daylight and even in the darkness of the corners.

You can expect a smile back when you pass one – you can expect a reply in a way that someone will stop and explain you about where you want to go. Something I never realised in London – Something people never really appreciate in those big cities. But Hey, Frankfurt is not small either – its fifth largest city in Germany and in top ten cities of the most livable cities. It is super ├╝ber expensive to live in Frankfurt but then in return it does give you which no other city promises. A fresh green surroundings – A place which is organised as heaven – A city skyline which never gave up on the green belongings in the city – A city that has well-connected network for everything and all the corners feel like so close(ok, this may not be an exception). You can expect to take pictures of the people without making them feel offensive(that’s just my cameraman in me – trying to speak from within).

Chinese Garden in Frankfurt am Vidya.

come-on – today night I walked about 5 kms and it feels like I have enjoyed walking like never before in a big city. Although I got bitten by something on my back while being in the city park but that’s natural, can’t deny nature ;). From the corners of the city till the main New part – you will feel integrated to this place in every possible way. Enjoying this place – you need to take out the pleasure from walks. See the locals, see the shops, see the variety of food, enjoy running into the Bahns, Love talking to strangers, I met two super amazing singers, believe me or not – they had no indian connection but they surprised me with their talents. One was Iranian and other Moroccan, they knew more Bollywood songs then I could re-collect. I never knew that this place is so closely integrated to world. I have seen more Indians here in this city who enjoy talking to their own people than anywhere else in the world. Why !!! This place has a magnet which does not kill the real person in you. My head has been in complete vertigo since I have been here as this place has changed my whole opinion about big cities. There are still cities which have their integrals in place.


La la laa… It feels super nice to experience 30C + in the night .. Amazing :

Frankfurt am Main

My journey back home.. in S8 – and after all that dizziness from this place – I m going to say goodnight till I bring another story with me.

S8 to way back home