Law makers or Law Breakers

Motorcycling is dangerous, yeah can be deadly too. But when you have been riding for over 14years, you kind of get into the rhythm of living dangers and deadly options every corner or each time you get surprised.
What Annoys me is when the people who are so-called the law controllers rather law makers even break the laws. Road safety is a concern not only of the people who drive but shall also be for the ones who ride especially when you ride on two wheels in all seasons(I mean snow, rain, hail, sun and hell through the traffic).
Today on way back from work, I was riding behind a Met Pol van and the traffic lights turned green for going straight. There is a small concealed alley way on the right and the Police van didn’t give a second thought checking their mirrors, and made a turn into alley way without any indicators from a standstill.
HOW AMAZING !! I have been once stopped by these so-called Law makers for undertaking a police car in a 30mph zone when they are stuck in the traffic. They just have the power but the power is for using it right not for abusing it !!

My average daily riding is about 66-70mph/day and riding in traffic is nothing spectacular when you ride everyday. You get used to flowing through the traffic but sometimes its more spectacular when on non traffic roads on empty motorway you get shown a finger from a car on the left side lane joining the main traffic.
SPECTACULAR !! Yes, let me explain this.
Riding 72mph on A1(M) in the empty dual carriageway. I see a car from the left indicating to join the Motorway so I very politely move to right and in return just happened to check that a lady in her late 30’s may be 40’s was showing me a centre middle finger. I didn’t understand WTH !! I again moved from the fast lane to slow so she can pass me. No, just passed me but again stood in fast lane blocking me for whole 3 miles on an empty road ahead of her. Yes, I did switch on my high beam and then again she started her middle finger dance in the car.

If anyone understands this behaviour please let me know 😀