To feel life, one must take this rollercoaster that goes down at a pace of 100miles per hour and gets back to the top of the hump at 50miles per hour, coming back down at a pace of 120miles per hour… that in essence is our life – the only challenge is there is no actual known track of its end and the end in itself is the true end of it, sadly put together!!

Till eternity, you would feel that being emotional is sometimes the same as being treated weak or a reason enough for people to find that this shell defies the logic of happiness or generates more happiness. A lot of this depends on your upbringing in its own. Being ignorant, for not being able to open up for your feelings, to be shut down to express yourself, is a killer in its ownself, sometimes pushing hard to make you choose wrong decisions, sometimes these decisions go down the chain till you realize, in all of this – you, yourself was in the driving seat but you were either too deep on a different level to see and understand your surroundings that the rollercoaster of life just took you through the high and low of it. You feel nothing till something jerks and makes you feel so weak, that next downslide will be not easy, or the grind back up to the top, it is rough.

One after the another, the only major challenge that stands is the “time” that you lose between each of this loop that completes one circle of high and low. Life never stays the same but this hard given factor is, you lose more than you have gained and this Rollercoaster takes the shape of flat line until the next hoop of excitement starts.

This life is just a “Rollercoaster” we succumb to our own selves to realize people are just people, they have a tendency sometimes to make us feel in this rollercoaster, pulling us up and down but in the end, they are just the passengers we allowed them to sit next to us.
Some take more, way more, the time, the feelings and some take less, but each wrong person siting next to you is your own fault because you allowed them to be next to you but then if you blocked them in the first instance, you wouldn’t have known if they would have been enough to accept your company in the first high or low because they just joined you for a ride.

Sometimes, it is how everything goes – You at the end of it all, are responsible, not the other one. They have a right to their own feelings, which sometimes are only till the first hump of this ride or little more or … you have to feel it yourself. Our modern day life and its enigma is people tend to feel bored too soon, as soon as the flat line develops in this ride, they have tendencies to not accept you as the person they liked in first instance to pick the seat with you but then, they got used to you to let you know, that the colors of yours are not same as they expected… Circle of entanglements, separations, distances, emotions, they all fade away in no time but this ride is never same – sometimes it is just you letting them sit next to you and at other times, they welcoming someone else, for who knows what the future holds!!

“Enjoy the ride!”



Flying North

01.01.12, And the travel kicked off the start to my new year. Quite a different start to the new year from the previous ones where I have mostly been home but the travel this year on the very first day was first one to kick off with.

eaving Austria and heading back to England the journey was quite smooth with flying well over the clouded playground underneath our plane all from the time we left till the time we landed.

It is that time of the year when we all are searching for resolutions and planning what the year shall bring. I have not done any of that yet but I do wish for few things that can be nice if they come along not that I desperately would want. Generally speaking, I would want to blog more than the previous year and have more of friends, fans and follwings across the different countries. Travel has always enticed me but seemingly its been slowed down so little more of new destinations will be good to start with. I would wish to see the Aurora or the so called blue lights of northern hemisphere.  See the Ireland surrounding its natural beauty. Shoot the pretty women of the world in their own beautiful countries not neglecting the fact that we all love to see the beauty and appreciate it.

Growing older is a part of life and adding one more up number into the age, and subtracting one from the total I wish to be more wiser and patient. The youth has almost treaded away from me in last 3 years. I have lost many things that I cant have anymore but I am not afraid to gain more things that can bring the best out of me. Life is an ever changing colourful canvas, full of new dimensions.

Forget the fear, the life is unknown. What we fear today, may not be tomorrow and what we wish for tomorrow may never be there. So lets live the best way forward, live your dreams that no one else shall paint. The life is best when it comes in its own little packages. I wish all of those who are the firm believers of self that “Life shall be lived like the way you want” so lets go live it large with most colourful paints that can bring the happiness into it.

May the peace, hapiness and health surrounds us all.