Good News or Bad !!

Could the guys actually handle this. So far till now it has been the game on the other side of the gender and now here it becomes challenging.  Good News – Yeah, definitely for the ladies but how many males could accept this in their heads. Though I feel happy that this could be really good for many and could be a disastrous beginning for many others who want to look for more in life without leaving their own boats.

Here is a good read for all those who have wanted to look beyond but never dared to because of the fear factor they carry for losing the one. But hey, why does it have to be with just the guys that they are considered sexually asking for more with other woman now here comes the “GOOD NEWS”

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Answer is “WHY NOT” – why do we want to keep the best to ourself – The challenge begins !!

The Happy Feeling

One of my many shots that I feel should be shared to rest of the world too.


Where are the rest of the happy buggers in this world .. ??

Human Desires – Seeking yourself or What we seek !!

The feeling to be being human is just a part of you if you do not have that then it is not you. For those who acknowledge it in their head and in their minds they know what this is all about but for those who are not in balance of their desires may simply complain about and never agree to what is written here. To be out with the one you want to belong or you belong you do become part of that person.

Have your cravings let you settle down right there and never have come up again in your mind to think of something beyond that person?  I can assure you your loyalty does not stop right there or you simply are going to lie to me for that if your human desires end right there. I can bet you on this !! Not that I am lying but being honest about what my human desires make me wish for.

Yes, I am not doing the betrayal because I am just who I am. The person inside has no two faces but just one that lives and loves what he does. Can’t rule the fact that human attraction is just merely a phase that happens to all of us whether you are in a single status boat or double or taken forever state. The train of desire is not run just by our physical desires but our brain that feeds the body to inhale and exhale that feeling of its thoughts. Pretty intense in that battle of desires I accept my part and parcel of existence – being human !!

This thought provoking process started not on its own but definitely there is an element of that attraction. I can stop the part that is human but not the part that is inevitably taking shape in the back of my desires in my absence of uncontrolled pleasure to my physical entity. The desires are not all about being physical but rather that moment of pleasure when it passes all your emotions to let you be in that high of cravings which lasts for few moments. That is what I call the part of being “Yourself”.

Physical desires are like a chocolate that you do want to eat but know they all are momentarily pleasures that won’t last for long more than the size of that chocolate bar. Once that bar is over you are back to being in reality where that desire and attraction does not really exist anymore. Now if you want to agree to the part that whether you accept that momentarily feeling of eating a chocolate or not – is barely your choice. I have eaten the chocolate once but to say I do not want to eat it again will be wrong. Responsibility to live in our real life is often where we are brought back to the reality of our lives.

I must not endeavour this topic anymore – the human mind is biggest power that controls us and guides us through the challenges of being human. A human with desires or one without you are no good if you can’t acknowledge what you feel !! What I seek from you is not what I may want all the time it just depends on what part and where that brings us together in life.

When you hold on to someone so dearly to avoid them running away, you choose a bigger risk in life than holding someone with a fact that what is yours will come back to you – you don’t run into the risks of self-conflicts for who you are. To live life is not to kill yourself for your emotions, feelings and desires but rather what matters is being true to the person with whom you are and what you want. Being sure is being over confident but being able to share yourself is just a balance that you may want to bring in your life to manage that factor – “Human Desires”!